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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team-Building 104 - Prologue

Team-Building 104: Prologue

In the deepest reaches of space there exists an unnatural creation called the Kaleadoscope Cascade. Its creation was accidental, but this is not the focus of our tale; it is just simple fact. Many eons have passed since Those That Came Before brought this world into being, and there are many tales to be told. This tale begins with a simple spark...

The sky ripped open above the Chicago skyline and from it issued forth the sound of the thunderclap of space-time tearing. The effect was quick and gone in an instant, leaving behind the smell of ozone... and a body. The body plummeted to the ground below and impacted with a parked van. This was an era before car alarms, so the only noise was the crash.

Half an hour later the scene was covered by police, firefighters and a single ambulance. Somehow the man had survived the fall, but just barely. The paramedics had him stabilized and loaded and were transporting him to Saint Angel of the Prophet, a nearby clinic, for treatment.

They never arrived.

My name is Damian Lockheart and I am a private investigator. I was hired by an insurance company to look into this matter on the side. I fear that the governemnt was involved somehow, and that if I were to dig too deep I might end up like the unidentified male. Missing.


Deep in space, on the edge of the Cascade sat a ship, small in size, but large in power. It sat on what could be compared to the event horizon of a black hole, only one that ran into a variant reality. At the moment that the man crossed through one of the breaches of the Cascade, a ping was sent through the universe. The ship's sensors caught this ping and turned towards the Earth of the Prime Universe, piercing the veil.

They were called the Harvestors and they fed on the Star Force.

In the universe of their origin they had killed and fed on all the Star Force available to them.

They were on the verge of starvation when the breach occured.

Their salavation was at hand.

Their ship was called the Erroneous Bleed and it held only 35 of their species.

All that remained.

They moved towards Earth and would arrive within days of the breach.

What waited for them there was unexpected.

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