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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team-Building 104 - Part 1A

Team Building 104 Part 1 "First Contact" A - Voyager

He slammed into the ground and debris shot into the air.  He narrowed his eyes and scanned the area for his opponent, one of the alien creatures called the Harvesters.

He found the being and molten heat lanced from his eyes and scorched the air in its wake.  SuperDude stood as his attack burned in the metallic harness that was pinging his location back to the others of his group.

"I don't want to fight you!!"  He screamed at the creature as it landed and growled at his.  "We don't have to do this."  It spoke back to him.

::I AM AFRAID I DO.  I MUST FEED.  YOU ARE THE SOURCE.  I WILL HAVE YOU FOR MYSELF.::  SuperDude blinked.  Internally the Star Force, Dawnbringer, allowed him to understand the alien language at a basic level.

"Well that's new.  What do you mean by source?"


SuperDude smiled.  "People, including enemies and aliens it seems, just like me."

"Not everyone likes you."  A voice from the shadows behind him spoke.


My name is Calvin Kellerman and I was once just like you, normal.  Many years ago I was given a chance to be greater than what I was, and I have used that to become the greatest hero in the world.  I am getting ahead of myself however; allow me to start at the beginning.

It was a day like any other.  The sun was out.  The weather was clear and the forecast was cool.  Across the Universe something awoke, something that sensed me, or something inside of me.  A purity of purpose and spirit.  That was when I was chosen by the Star Force.

A beam of pure intent lanced from the Heavens and buried itself deep inside of my soul; we bonded instantly as I accepted everything that it offered.  Power and enough that I could change things in the world for the better.

It told me that it was called Dawnbringer and that together we would show the world our light, one that will change the way humanity views the augmented, and different.  It also told me that it was not alone and there were other Star Forces in the universe with less than noble intentions.  They would be our enemy and would stand in the way of our purpose.

I wept then.  Before being chosen I was no one.  I had a desk job.  I ate dinner alone.  I was just an average Joe, one of the working class, and I moved through life oblivious to the greater universe and the underpinnings of how the way things worked.

I soon learned of the greater Darkness and of Those That Came Before, of the Entity and the War of Sorrow, of the Kaleidoscope Cascade and the ruptures.  Many things in the Universe that tried to tear it apart just because they could.  I was the first of the new breed of champions, and I would excel beyond Dawnbringer's wildest dreams.

Soon I would meet more like myself, but that is a tale for another day.

TBC in Team Building 104 Part 1 - B

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