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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Demonology 107 - Part 2

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I am the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I’m out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.

Sapphire whistled low.  Wynn came up to a stop next to her.  “We find this shithole yet?”  His breath came in heavy and sweat poured from his face.  She nodded and motioned with her head down the ridge.  Wynn turned and looked for the Dark City of Carcass and only saw the already decomposing vegetation they had been trudging more than a day through slowly.  “I don’t see anything.”

Sapphire sighed.  “Look dingleberry,” she pointed down at the ridge, Wynn turned to look and spotted what she was pointing at, a huge chain link, easily as big as a full sized refrigerator and it wasn’t alone.  “That tribe was right about the location, and the place feels like its eating my soul.”

“It probably is eating your soul.  This place is the counter point to Sham’bala which is a source for life; this place must be death’s house.  The rot is worse as we get closer and I would bet money that if my abilities were stronger I would be puking by now.”  Wynn whispered.

“Alright let’s get a closer look and see what we can see,” she slide over the rotting log in front of her and gradually made her way closer to the chain link.  She whistled again as she saw thirteen identical links reaching to an island suspended over a vast pit.  Three other lines held the island in place and the remains of a fifth hung from the island and the cliff face.

The island held a crumbling temple and even at this distance she could see through one of the fallen walls the fountain that had drawn hundreds of people to this place with the promise of eternal youth.  “I don’t see any remains.  There should be bodies somewhere right?”

“I doubt it; I would think that the rot would consume them quickly.  The rate of decay is amazing and its even eating away at the stone, the only things unaffected seem to be this chains and the island the fountain is resting on.”  He straightened up and began to scan the area around them.  “There should be a village or something here; I know that they teach dark magicks here just like Sham’bala teaches the good.”

“Maybe it’s in the temple?”

Demonology 107 Part 2 - “The Once and Future Queen”

Damien slide to a stop and smiled back at the horde of Orcs.  “Seriously fella’s it was only your queen and it wasn’t all that good or sexy.”

They roared and continued to chase after him.  He laughed and sprinted onwards.

A few hours ago at the Drunken Mule in the Village of Everdale

“So you want me to find this evil queen and kill her and her minions and free some sword from her control so that the kingdom may live in peace once again?”  Damien asked the noblewoman who sat across from him, two pints of mead sat untouched in front of each of them.

“That is correct Sir Lockheart.  Tales of your bravery have reached us even here in the outlands.  The Empress is wicked and drives at the hearts of our people, driving men insane and leaving the women barren.  Her army surrounds her in her tower deep in the Blackmire forest.  We want you to go there and take care of her.”  Damien shrugged.

“Why would I do this?  I’m not exactly an adventurer, I came here looking for someone and thus far haven’t located any sign of them.”  His finger ran across the edge of the mug and he fought the urge to drink, being this close to something that strong was taking a massive amount of willpower but he had been dry for more than a year now, and he was strong.

“You said someone, and then said them which imply more than one.”  The noblewoman responded.

“I am looking for my brother, a friend, and my mother.  We are a long lived people and when I heard rumors of someone that has lived for decades without aging a day I assumed that perhaps one of them had arrived here.”

She frowned, “I do not know of anyone that fits that description.  They say that the Empress is a demon of the highest magnitude and perhaps she has lived here for that long.  But I do not think so.”

He nodded.  “Okay I will take up this quest and see what I can see, but I do not make any promises for murder.  I will attempt to negotiate surrender or an exile, but I will not kill.”


Sometime later in the heart of the queen’s chambers

“So that is what the people want.  Do you agree to these terms?”  Damien asked the Queen.  Her skin was ivory, and twin horns spun around the side of her head.  She smiled her teeth perfect beneath her crimson lips.

“I cannot concede to any negotiation Immortal, I am here at the behest of my masters and I need to accomplish my goals before I can move on from this plane.  It is not my concern if my very presence causes mankind ill, I do not make war on them unless they come to me, then I defend myself.”

“Why are you here?  What do you want with this place?”  Damien asked.

“I am here to perform the ritual once the chosen come.  They will be guided to this place and perform the tasks needed to free the masters, they cannot be coerced and must do so willingly.”

“I see.  Is there nothing I can do to get you to leave?”  He said with a sly smirk on his face as the shadows around him seemed to brighten.  She returned his grin and stood from the bed and went to him.


“Seriously guys it was great sex, but Demon’s just aren’t my thing!!”  He screamed over his shoulder and leapt through the portal that had brought him to this place.

TBC in Demonology Part 3

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