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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stand Alone 9

Sapphire sighed. She had been doing that way too much these days. “That didn’t tell me anything. I have no context for that meeting.” 

Zoe spoke up at her side. “Perhaps you asked the wrong question?” 

Sapphire shot her a dirty look. “I am being given free reign over The Knowledge, and when I was with the Archivist I was given specific ‘visions’, and those led me to other specific trains of thought. So now I see a catalyst moment in time without context, and I’m supposed to try and gain some kind of epiphany from it?” She frowned at Zoe and then threw herself to the ground and sat crossed legged. 

“I have no idea what to ask next." She thought for a while, and at last something emerged from the edge of her memory. "…Everyone has a boss...”

Stand Alone 9 - Authoritative Action

“Everyone has a boss.” He spoke to his minions beneath him.

“Even you, sire?” One of them asked.

Nearby, Darion leaned forward to regard the minion with wonder. They hadn’t been designed to question, and this was an enormous oddity. 

He smiled at it. “Everyone, even one such as I, has someone that they must answer to. But I am very near the top of our chain of command, and that is something that I have worked very hard to achieve.”

His lieutenants, Darion and Kristoff, walked over to his side. “I am their boss, and you answer to them. Someday you might gain enough status to have your own henchmen to command and so on and so forth.”

The minion smiled, “I hope so, sire! I truly hope so.” He beamed at the masters and their lord. 

Kristoff leaned forward and held out a palm, and the orbs within incinerated the small being. “The cattle shouldn’t speak or think for themselves.” 
Darion snickered as he flickered in and out of phase-space. 

“I am sorry, my lord, if I acted out of place.” Kristoff bowed.

“Do not be hasty, Kristoff. You eliminated a potential threat to your command... but I do feel that it might prove interesting to watch over.” He snapped his fingers and the total obliteration of the minion was reversed, and the being began screaming as soon as it was whole again. Kristoff shot his lord a look, who merely shrugged. 

He stepped forward and laid a hand on its head and it quieted down. “Little one, you have proven to be a curiosity, and so I have decided to give you a chance at life... a chance to survive against all odds.” The being smiled at its lord.

“Thank you, sire. I will try my best.”

The lord smiled at it and snapped his fingers again and the being vanished. Kristoff cocked an eyebrow. “You will keep an eye on it for me, Kristoff. Do not interfere with it at all, or you will be punished severely.” Kristoff frowned. “Keep me informed on Project Genesis.”

TBC in Religion 108


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