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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team-Building 104 - Part 2D

Team-Building 104 - Part 2 D: "Nemesis: The Search For..."
The servos in his suit's joints whined and he took the turn at 60 miles an hour. His shoulder skipped the brickwork, and pain erupted along his side. "WHYINTHEHELLISTHISTHINGAFTERME??" His words blended together.

"Hunting people with abilities," the voice in his ear spoke. "Take the next right and stop at the end of the alley." Jack Rabbit slowed to 45 and slid into the alleyway and stopped. The Harvester arrived seconds later; he roared at Jack and stalked him slowly, using its massive, long forearms, knuckling the ground like a gorilla. It paused and its mouths opened, and it seemed to taste the air. Its head turned up just as SuperDude landed hard on top of it, driving it into the ground like a nail.

"Good plan," SuperDude spoke over his shoulder.

"All my plans are good." The Dark Avenger stepped from behind Jack Rabbit. "Smart thinking, putting the police band in your head piece. Easy to hack though."

"Who are you people?" asked Jack, shaken.

"Allies, and maybe future friends." SuperDude said.

"Huh, well if you're recruiting, I have the perfect candidate for you."


I'm a pretty normal fella. I was raised by two loving parents with two younger brothers and a cousin that we adopted when she was younger, right after her parents had died in a car accident. I was always a bright guy and really took to learning, absorbing any knowledge I could get my hands on. I suppose that's why I became a doctor.

I have two degrees, and my doctorate is in Progressive Molecular Biology. In layman's terms, I use biological nanotech to augment a person, helping them overcome their physical limitations. I make humanity better through the application of science.

I was in a general medical practice for several years before being recruited by Genicon, a cutting-edge technological firm that had been around since the 1940's. Here I would find my niche, and move the world forward one augment at a time.

After little more than a year I was brought in to assist with one of the few government contracts that the company held. It was related to my field and dealt directly with augmenting humanity using the nanotech techniques I had developed. They were farming raw DNA from a subject and boosting the augmenting process by leaps and bounds past what I had been using.

Using these new techniques, I developed the Accelerons that I tested on myself, granting my already-athletic body greater speed and stamina. Further testing was needed because there was a flaw; my metabolism had also been enhanced, and I needed to eat constantly. Also, my body was vulnerable to the friction that my enhanced speed generated. My skin burned as I ran.

Some time passed before I realized that Genicon had been infecting people at random using inoculations and tracking the random drug trails to test the effects of their augmentation process. They were creating a world of super-powered individuals. I left right after that with the intent of finding a way to fix everyone.

This was when I recruited my brothers and cousin to check out some rumors. We found a woman in Greece, and from her I found religion and a suit of armor that prevented my eventual combustion. One of her deities was affiliated with rabbits and speed, and I adopted his mantle as I way of worship after I left her lands. Covering the modified armor in the fur of hares, I became... Jack Rabbit!!

TBC in Team-Building 104: Part 2 E

Genicon: "Making You a Better You, Organically"

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