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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stand Alone 1

The transporter brought her into a glass walled room, several odd looking aliens rushed about the place.  Four large doors led out of the room and one of these swung open as she stepped off the platform.  A taller alien motioned for her to follow as she took in the rest of the chamber.  Images flitted about on the ceiling, alien vistas and people, places that could have been Earth, others might have been old battles.  Confused, she said nothing.

She followed the alien throughout the hallways and chambers of the Grand Hall.  He stopped before a massive door and motioned for her to follow him through it and into one last gigantic room.  He walked quickly to its center and several other aliens moved away and went about their business. 

The Chronicler ran his hand over the rough surface of the stone, what people on Earth would call Quartz.  The hand flared with energy and a layer glowed in response.

"I am called the Chronicler, chief archivist of the Catalogers.  We are of an alien species, members of a race that watch and take note of everything that happens within our realm.  We stand before the Knowledge, the database which we store all that we have viewed."

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"Because, Knowledge is Power.  You are sorely lacking in this respect.  You are young, and in great need of a guiding hand."  The Chronicler spoke quietly, respecting the sanctity of the holy place.

"If you say so."

"Then allow me to tell you the tale of..."


"SENTINEL I ORDER YOU TO RETREAT!!" The Commander screamed over the sounds of the last of the metal shearing the reactor from its mooring.

"That is a negative Commander; I will not leave your side. Those are my orders." Sentinel responded.

"Dammit..." He was cut off as the Reactor violently shuddered one last time and exploded, the freezing waves cascading outward, engulfing the laboratory and breaking the Chrono Platform, rupturing the containment and a second wave encompassed the Commander, growing for several more feet before snapping back, imploding back, leaving a slight mist in the air as the temperatures evened themselves back out again.

The area was clean in a 40 foot radius around the Reactor breach. Sentinel scanned the zone and settled in for what could be a long wait.

Years Pass...

It began as a slow rumble, deep in the soil. Dust and some debris from the ancient facility drifted down from the rafters above. A whirring sound pierced the air, as Sentinels functionality reasserted itself. Its head turned, and scanned the area. "Chronal Event in progress."

"You dont say." Sentinels head spun around and sought out the owner of the voice. A woman leaned against the wall to the far side of the reactor chamber, a thing cigarette burning low, and close to the filter. A small pile of them were scattered around the floor. "Cool your heels Robo Jock."

"I am not Robo Jock, I am designated Sentinel."

"Oh I know all about you chuckles. You and my father used to be chums, back in the war, and when you were still a part of the world." She dropped the cigarette to the ground and stamped a combat boot heel down on it. "Any time now. We've been getting readings from the facility for a few days now."


"The Column. We're the newest super secret agency out there."


"Don’t be like that. We're the good guys."

"I have heard that before." Sentinel looked her over. "Are you Jackson Blacks daughter?" She nodded. "You have his...eye." She smirked.

"Yup, and my mother’s lips and ass. Dear old Dad told me all about you and this place before he passed a few years back. So when I took over the Column from Haines I set up a monitoring system for when the Commander might come back. Technology is light years ahead of the Steampunk tech you originated from."

"This does not surprise me. I am...or was the peak of technological advancement when I crafted." The floor visibly began to shift, and a cool breeze filled the air. "Soon." Sentinel stated. She nodded again.

The air continued to cool and soon a layer of frost covered a massive forty foot expanse of the ground, in a perfect circle.

Little sparks of lightning arced in the air. Sentinel remained where he was, but Chalm was forced back a few steps. The electricity in the air continued, growing faster and closer together, until a perfect half sphere covered the circle on the ground.

Larger bolts struck the ground inside the sphere, and suddenly the entire thing exploded outwards, and knocked Sentinel and Chalm to the ground.

The dust settled quickly, and the sounds of metal pinging as it cooled filled the room. "Is anyone still up?" A voice asked from the area. Nicolette picked herself up and stared into the darkness.

"Commander? Is that you?" She asked.

"I'm afraid not woman." The voice seemed to pull at her, she drew her ArcPistol, and aimed it towards the sound. "Ah, I see even after all of these years the technology I helped pioneer is still in existence."

"Who are you?" Her one good eye kept scanning the area inside the newly recreated 40 foot section of the World War 2 lab.

"I was a friend to the Allies once, but their betrayal of me and my family forced my hand. I now come as a conqueror." The voice sounded closer.

"Over. My. Dead. Body." The new voice sounded strained, and a large collision sounded from within the darkness, and it was followed by the sounds of fierce battle.


"You're darn tooting Cro!!" The Commander leapt into the air and swiftly struck the chin of the Super Scientist Dr. Cro with a roundhouse kick. He flew backwards into the remains of the reactor.

The Commander landed and ran towards him, his hand forming a fist. "You failed again Commander." Cro glowed for a moment, as his technology pulled the last vestiges of energy from the Reactor and he vanished.

"Darn it." The Commander cried as he slid to a stop. He shook his fist in frustration. "Why do they always get away at the last second. These things always play out like a bad serial."

"Um Commander?" He turned and looked at Sentinel and the young woman moving towards him. "Welcome to the 20th Century."

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