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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team-Building 104 - Part 4J

Team Building 104 Part 4 J "The Voyage Home: The Next Generation"

“AQUA BLAST!!”  King Carp screamed at the top of his lungs and the water around him boiled with foam and lanced out and speared the Harvesters one after another forming a chain of six when the attack was finished.  “Ha HAH!!”  The Harvesters blood poured from their bodies and filled the surrounding ocean.  The closest of the sharks swam in to feast.

He turned in the water to look at the newcomers.  “Um?  You wanted something?”

SuperDude and the Dark Avenger floated in a pod.  SuperDude nodded.  “We were hoping to recruit your mother in our cause but found out she passed recently and you have inherited the throne.”  King Carp nodded.

“How did you know my mother?”

“That would be my doing son.  I worked with her in World War II.”  The Commander stepped around the duo and into the view port.  “We were told by some that the balance of power had shifted in the oceans and came to see if it was true.”  Carp nodded again.

“She passed after the war with Atlantis from the wounds she received from its King.  We razed the city to dust and made sure no one survived.  Their species is gone now.”  SuperDude frowned and started to say something but the Dark Avenger placed a hand on his chest to silence him.

The Commander nodded.  “She spoke of the alliance between Atlantis, Aquatopia and Aquatopolis during the war.  She said that the old king of Atlantis had passed during a U Boat attack near the city and that his son the Mariner would inherit the throne when he came of age.”

“He went insane because of his parents’ death at a young age and some said he went to land to find a Dark City to gain power to take the throne early.  The war lasted months and cost us greatly.”  SuperDude saw a tear leak from Carps eye and blend immediately with the surrounding water but said nothing out of respect. 

“Our offer stands with you.”  The Commander said.  “We would be glad to have a King and a Warrior of your caliber with us against this alien threat.”

King Carp nodded.


“The powers of all the Oceans creatures are yours to command.”  Words his mother Neptuna had once told him.

Unfortunately he suffered from a rare genetic defect that sometimes afflicted the royal line of the cities of the Alliance.  He needed proximity to the creatures before he was able to control their gifts as his own.

So one day he grafted a suit built of parts of the creatures he sometimes ruled over.

The blubber of a whale padded his breast plate, providing him with durability to withstand great force. 

A starfish adorned each of his shoulders and allowed him to regenerate damage tissue over time.

Barnacles cover most of the exposed armor plating on his suit, appearing as a chainmail like structure, and providing some increased hardness to the already tough metal.

Sponge wraps his lower legs like some kind of undersea leg warmers.


An octopus is attached under his cape, the tentacles wrapping around the rib-cage and holding it in place.  Which allows him an ink defense to escape or flee as needed from combat it disperses differently on land as a black vaporous cloud.

He wears twin bracers, one on each forearm, that have several different forms of coral grafted onto them.  They provide a close range weapons for combat.

His helms edge is lined with shark’s teeth granting him an enhanced sense of smell over vast distances.

A pair of eels flanks his neck and flow down his back following the spinal cord.  Calling upon these he can generate a field of electricity around him and charge his melee attacks.

His pant legs are made up of multiple fish scales.  They seem ordinary but are vibrant in their color and display.  Although a fin sprouts from the leg on the outer edge of the thigh and gives him a limited form of echolocation like a dolphin or whale.

His belt buckle has two small sea horses.

He also has a long flowing cape of brilliant sea foam.  This oddly enough is the only part of his entire suit that makes sense and alone wouldn't clash with his unadorned armor.

TBC in Team Building 104 Part 4 - K

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