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Monday, September 16, 2013



The Star Force Imbued - are individuals burdened with portions of the Star Force, they are similar to the Star Forced.  The Family absorbed a small portion of one on their way through the Kaleidoscope Cascade.  The noble blooded of Immortia seem to possess some kid of Star Force imbuement.

The Star Forced - Very unique individuals who house a whole Star Force, ones that came from the evolution of the universe.  SuperDude houses Dawnbringer, while Humongous Man once housed Eclipse, and the stone of Central Park became the progenitor of the Star Force Centurions.

Human - Just your standard baseline normal person from an Earth, be it Prime or II.  Sometimes the most dangerous of the species.

Augments - are humans that were tested on by the government using the blood of Arien Blackwood.  They have super human abilities and number in the hundreds.

Aliens - Species not of the Earth.

Genetic Hybrids - The children of the augmented that are imbued with greater than human abilities.

Immortals - Humans who do not die through any conventional means.  Some live forever because of a curse (the 4 Woes), others are immortal because of noble blood.  Immortality always comes at a cost and most come with a curse.

Scions - Individuals who are genetically perfect to house the Entities God Seed, they then become his Scions and spread chaos through the universe so that he may feed.

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