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Saturday, September 7, 2013



The Harvesters - An alien species that lives in between the universes.  They hunt down and feed upon beings that possess the Star Force.  They are on the verge of extinction with the last of the species now trapped in the Super U’niverse.  They found the universe after Arien Blackwood breached the Cascade and landed on Earth, his minor Star Force signature was enough for “The Erroneous Bleed” to track him down.  At the time they were being guided by Genesis, another being of immense power trapped in the space between universes.

They were defeated and imprisoned on Earth in The Column and the SPIRaL ARC facilities, after their leader Genesis fled the battle and abandoned his troops.

The Entity - Is a cosmic being that feeds upon the chaos that is sowed by his Scions.  One of the last beings of his kind in the universe after his people fought in each other to the death in the War of Sorrows.  His true name is unpronounceable in the human tongue; Spectacular once built a universal translator that took a few days to finally spit out ‘Ted’.

The Scions - Are beings that were once normal until the God Seed filled them and turned them into the Entity’s ‘sons’.  They go about the universe and cause destruction and the energy of the chaos caused by them feeds their master.

The Catalogers - Are a species that are virtually unknown to the whole of the universe.  They chronicle everything that happens, and are able to pass between the fabric between the worlds.  Everything they collect is stored in The Knowledge, a massive hunk of extra terrestrial quartz, which is found in the center of the complex in which they live.  The Chief Archivist oversees all of the activities of the Catalogers and is able to navigate The Knowledge with ease, plucking information from it and allowing others to relive the data.

The Star Force Centurions - Fueled by an alien Star Force that had been bound into the Harvester Ship “The Erroneous Bleed”.  Freed during the formation of the WMD and IED when the Harvesters assaulted the Star Force imbued beings of Earth, it picked another Star Force that had been bound in the rock of Central Park in New York City and chose it to spread the word and find hosts to divide its power and police the universe.

The Antianeira - More commonly called Amazons, The Antianeira are high borne noble-women warriors that were exiled to Earth millennia ago.  The Amazon myths came from them.  Originally led by Penthesilea until her death, currently those who remain after the Purge are led by Daphne the daughter of Penthesilea who is better known to the world as Amazona.

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