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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Saturday Super Stories - The Event 4 A

"I have pulled from The Knowledge tales from the Event that ravaged two universes.  I start at the beginning and will tell the important parts, and while there are many stories to be told, this will be quick."  Chief Archivist of the Catalogers.

“Many things have been culled from this universe, many lives lost, some heroically, some fruitlessly, but everything and everyone met has had an impact.  Some people and places are the same regardless of the world on which it lay, it spreads like an infection.”

“A smart man once said ‘There is more than one of everything.”

The Event 4 - Dopplegang’land A “SuperDude Versus Aeon”

“Remember when we cross over to protect the device on your waistbands, it is the only thing holding you together in that world.  If you lose it you will be pulled back to this world, because you will act as a negative to the positive of their world, pushed away from them.  We do not know if the transfer will be safe, you might perish.”

“We are attempting to align you to your counterpart and you should appear near them.”

Aeon hovered in the air in front of Superdude and smiled.  “So you are the one who is just like me?”  He looked him up and down as SuperDude did the same in return.  “My abilities are many and are very powerful, they stem from a sun I ate during the imprisonment at the hands of my people.  I was forced to evolve and destroyed them with the very thing I was imprisoned with, it was quite ingenious really.”  Aeon paused his speech as SuperDude stopped and stared at the symbol emblazoned on Aeon’s chest, two angels ripping apart a helix of DNA.  “You are making me tell you all of this somehow are you not?”  SuperDude shrugged and smiled back at him.

“It’s part of the abilities within me, I inspire confidence in those around me, and I make other people better.”  He explained as Aeon snarled in response and attacked him.  SuperDude caught his rushing fist and launched into a grapple that Aeon reversed and twisted free of.  “We are equally matched and you will not win.”

“Oh I will win, and I know your one real weakness, this place, this world, I will take the fight to it if you do not surrender to me without a fight.  Your people attacked my world and you will pay for it.”

“My people, what are you talking about?”
“The one called Reader and his Family attacked my home and are now the prisoners of war.”

“I really do not think that’s the greatest course of action seeing as we have only just met and that’s a very bad idea.”  SuperDude shrugged back at him.  “I will be better than you because I must be, and you will never have a chance to hurt this world.”  In a blink SuperDude was on Aeon and then they were hurdling through space.


Android X watched the exchange and his onboard computer systems tracked the trajectory and calculated their destination as the asteroid belt just past Mars.  It appeared as if SuperDude had warped spacetime around him and blitzed them across the distance in several hops.

He retrieved files and began to cross reference the battles being waged across the Earth and watched readings begin to flood in as more and more cracks in reality began to appear.

This Event that were a part of was going to end all of creation.

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