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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Super Stories - The Event 3

"I have pulled from The Knowledge tales from the Event that ravaged two universes.  I start at the beginning and will tell the important parts, and while there are many stories to be told, this will be quick."  Chief Archivist of the Catalogers.

“Many things have been culled from this universe, many lives lost, some heroically, some fruitlessly, but everything and everyone met has had an impact.  Some people and places are the same regardless of the world on which it lay, it spreads like an infection.”

The Event 3 – Horizon

“Thank you all for coming, I know that we do not have the best of relationships but the Department of Superhuman Affairs needs your help.”  She stood in front of a massive monitor that covered an entire wall; a map of the Earth filled the screen, several small red dots blinked.  Several technicians were watching these points vigilantly.

“My name Agent Powerhouse and this is my wife Agent Frost, we are in charge of the DSA in North America.”  He clicked a device at another screen and photos of the HelixONE breach started as a slideshow moved the show on without anyone clicking anything more.  “Two weeks ago we suffered a dimensional breach that has ruptured our space/time continuum.  The breach tore into a villain’s base that we had been tracking, his name is Alpha and he has been targeting a hero named Black Sapphire.”

“We have reason to believe that Alpha has been repeatedly breaching into this parallel Earth, for what purpose we do not know, but we feel as if he thinks we are at war.”  Agent Frost continued.

“What do you need from us?”  Aeon hovered slightly above the ground, his air of superiority filling the whole of the chamber they were in.

“We need the members of Horizon to traverse the void and enter this other world and try and stop whatever it is that Alpha is trying to accomplish before we end up in open conflict with another universe.  Each breach is fracturing the structure of reality itself and if this continues for much longer everything will be over.”  Frost waved over another member of the DSA he smiled at them all.  “This is Breach, he is one of our powered agents.  He has the ability to enter anything, breaching as it were including the veil between worlds.”

“Sometimes that is, I sort of teleport between places by bypassing the veil that lay between realms, I can also pick locks very well.”  Breach spoke quietly.  “I can use one of the fractures to gain access to this other place easily.  We have found an issue related to the whole process though, we can only take people who have a copy on the other world, anyone who doesn’t have an analog gets rejected.”

“How do you mean rejected?”  Soldier American asked.

“Pushed back away from the fracture, non-violently, so we sent a probe through and did a scan for identical energy signatures and cross matched them against our datatbase’s and called Horizon in.  We found matches on the other side for almost every person on your team and so we ask if you will help us stop a war by going into another universe for the sake of our universe and humanity?”  Powerhouse followed.

The members of Horizon talked amongst themselves for some time before responding.  Aeon spoke up and agreed to the task set before them.

“There is one last stipulation.  We have three prisoners from this universe and we want them return to the authorities there.”  Powerhouse asked Aeon directly.

Aeon nodded, “Let’s do this then.”  Breach nodded and the Horizon and agents of the DSA transported the group to the closest fracture.

John Phoenix, Immortal.  Born a completely normal person until his genes kicked in and he became a flame specialist, then one fateful day he was murdered during a mission and passed on from this mortal coil that is until he woke up again.

Aeon is also known as the sun eater.  He was exiled into a sun by his people where he escaped and absorbed the sun from within which in turn led to the death of his people.  His stance on justice is skewed which is do it part in

Soldier American was once a normal man until D-Day when the massacre at the beaches of Normandy led to the slaughter of thousands of allied troops, he absorbed the souls of all the men slain and gain their insights, strengths and stamina.  He led the charge and won the day almost single handedly in this reality.

Isabella, the Warchild is a warrior from worlds unknown, a perfect fighter who knows no losses in combat.  Unlucky in love and all the more bitter for it, works with the men on Horizon with great trepidation.

Odin is not the actual deity but an immortal who has taken the title for his own purposes.  Odin has lived for millennia and has mastered hundreds of styles of combat, but his personal weapon is a glaive called Ban’deth the Unrighteous Blade.

Android X is cobbled together from parts pulled from various robot threats that world has faced through the years.  Built by Jarod Blacknell and Mr. Amazing to assist with communications and tactical support.

Blrrr is capable of pulling speed from the Earth’s rotation, and cybernetically enhanced, his brain has been augmented to process information at a much faster rate while he is in speed mode.

TBC in The Event 4

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