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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saturday Super Stories - The Event 2

"I have pulled from The Knowledge tales from the Event that ravaged two universes.  I start at the beginning and will tell the important parts, and while there are many stories to be told, this will be quick."  Chief Archivist of the Catalogers.

“Many things have been culled from this universe, many lives lost, some heroically, some fruitlessly, but everything and everyone met has had an impact.”

The Event 2 - Opening Salvo

Alpha stood over the pile of rocks that had once been Robert Garvey, the stranger from another universe, and frowned.  His installation had been attacked and compromised and he had been personally assaulted by a woman he had found inferior to him, and he had underestimated her, it would not happen again.

The pile shifted slightly it’s ‘face’ turning to look at him.  “You were not alone were you rock man?”  Alpha asked, “My agents within the DSA claim that three more people were taken into custody the night you arrived, each bearing strange abilities.  My people here in the Epsilon Facility have determined that you came from another universe and your ‘body’ is infused with cosmic radiation similar to that of a star.”

“I don’t know nuthin’ about all that, we got here by accident.  We was investigating a space anomaly and this guy showed up and then we were crashing into the earth.”  Bob’s voice was gravely like stones scraping against one another, which in a way was exactly what was happening.

“Hmm, there is power in the stone of Earth, and in the other elements, they all destroy everything that they touch, everything.”  Alpha reached down and took hold of Roberts stones and poured energy into them, he began to scream as they began to fuse together, the screaming grew louder and, louder until they cut off all together as Robert lost consciousness.

But still Alpha poured his energy into the stone and watched as they fused into a shape of a man, each piece locking into place like a puzzle until the whole of the man lay before him, “My gift to you.”

The Year 2199, Super U’niverse

Titan stood in the window of TitanCorp Tower and watched as the sun set on New York City, the shadows swallowing the city bit by bit, all encompassing darkness creeping in.  Some days he missed the stars, the lights of the city drowning them out, all except the three burning in the heavens watching down on the world.  He sighed, he missed the old days before the Mega-Corporations ate the world and there were parts of the countryside left, when nature was allowed to grow.  “I really hate the future,” he mumbled.

Then something slammed into the side of the building and the whole of it began to rock back and forth.  “What the frell?”  He walked over to the computers and found that three whole stories had been struck by an object that was slowly moving deeper into the building towards the main central supports.  He pulled himself into his armor and grabbed his gun and concentrated his mass enhancing as his muscle strength increased.

He strode down the hallway after the elevator had deposited him on the appropriate level.  A large robot was in the process of ripping into the walls next to one of the support beams as a large round hole in its chest began to spin and power up.  "Who in the twelve hells do you think you are, coming into my home and wrecking this much havoc, do you know who I am?"  He roared.

"It matters not, I have been tasked by Doctor Johann Spindlar to remove this structure from the world, and the ImpossiBot does not fail when given a task."  The machine replied.  Titan raised his weapon and aimed.  "I would advise against that, if you were to breach my core I would go into meltdown and much of the city would be lost."  Titan smirked and fired, the weapon appeared to do nothing but a low hum and the instantaneous vanishing of the robots head proved it had worked.  He smiled, and then quickly noticed the energy weapon still charging.

"Building prepare jettison, level 18 through 36, cache artifacts into the tesseracts and launch orbital displacement."


The building rumbled and was launched into the air like a rocket, inertia engines pushing the whole of it into space as the ImpossiBot exploded and destroyed the building, Titan grimaced as his armor strained against the force and fell into blissful unconsciousness as the attack claimed him.

The Present Day, Earth II

"This will be the second attempt at attacking the new universe, my calculations were off by .0003% and the ImpossiBot landed in that worlds future, the target was dead on but the year was wrong.  My second creation the ImprobaBot, a newer design, one that cultivates the Chaos and Order spheres of magic and is reinforced magically."  Johann Spindlar, Doctor and Super Scientist spoke to Alpha and a small camera that was recording the entire situation.

"It will work this time?"  Alpha questioned.  The doctor nodded and slammed a palm down on a large red button that triggered the launch.  The platform shunted the robot into the parallel reality like a cannon shot.  They turned to watch through a view screen, that was taking advantage of the fractures in reality that the HelixONE's breach had caused.

Meanwhile in the Super U'niverse

The sound was like fabric tearing and the building shook in its foundation.  Almost immediately the fire alarm sounded and the sprinkler system activated.  "RIPTEARSUNDERDESTROY"  The ImprobaBot wailed into the room and it began to rip apart the support structure.  It only took a moment for the main support to collapse and the building to crumble.

Sometime later...

SuperDude hovered over the massive sinkhole in New York City and listened to Dawnbringer as it explained what he was witnessing.  He called to the rest of the WMD and as they each arrived to the scene to investigate the ImprobaBot scanned each and fed the information back to the Epsilon Base.


TBC in the Event 3

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