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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Super Stories - The Event 1

"I have pulled from The Knowledge tales from the Event that ravaged two universes.  I start at the beginning and will tell the important parts, and while there are many stories to be told, this will be quick."  Chief Archivist of the Catalogers.

The Event - The Family Part 1 (Escape from Dimension X)

<The Omega Sanction>

"WE HAVE INCOMING!!!" One of the techs screamed at Alpha just as the roof caved in with a gigantic explosion. Fire and shrapnel ripped through the main computer room, sparks shot from the various devices stored in and around the main hub, smoke began to billow and swirl around.

Alpha stood as the last pieces settled on the ground, he surveyed the area and found his entire technical staff dead, 90% of the machines inoperable and a large ship punched through with its engines winding down. Across the bow, the paint badly damaged: HelixONE.

Alpha sighed and strode to the hatch of the ship. He reached out and grasped it by the hinges and wrenched as hard as he could, the metal quickly cooled, then cracked and shattered under the pure PSI of his grasp.

"I know that you are in there. Please exit the ship quickly." He called into the opening, his voiced echoing back at him.

"I'm coming, and I'm all alone! I'm coming out." A massive pile of rocks shifted into position in front of the door, started to climb out, then collapsed. "But I think something went wrong." It mumbled.

"No shit," One of the wounded not quite dead technical staff whispered.

"Grab that...whatever the hell it is and bring it to the Gamma Labs. Send in two teams to search the rest of the ship." Alpha walked away before his anger destroyed the creature and before he could get some answers.

<Inside HelixONE>

Richard Reader watched from one of the still working monitors. Robert Garvey had saved them for a few minutes at least. "I don't know what to do." His wife, Sadie, hissed at his side. "I can't stop glowing." He shot a harsh look over his shoulder at her.

"Be quiet. I'm thinking," He whispered.

"Don't do that, this is affecting all of us," she retorted. "You aren't alone here."

"Yes, DEAR," He replied. "But unless you have a plan in that glowing bosom of yours I suggest you be quiet." Her mouth opened and closed but she remained silent.

The entire ship shuddered as the zone next to it exploded in a million shards of icy death, flying into the corridors and wrecking havoc. 

"I think perhaps, things outside have gotten worse," Reader spoke, "We need to move now, before something even worse happens." He grabbed his wife's glowing hand and motioned for the super-heated Jordana to follow them. He led them up the length of the ship and towards the landing gear compartments.

Outside the gear's hatch in an adjacent hallway, two of the Omega Sanction employee's were working on cutting into the ship from below, and were taken completely by surprise when the outside of the hull exploded outward in super-heated metal. Their deaths were instantaneous.

Reader dropped out and then helped Jordana and Sadie down in turn. She gasped at the melting, burning corpses, and then began to cry. Reader's eyes narrowed. "We don't have time for this, we need to find Robert and escape from wherever we have landed, without 'starting shit' as Black put it."

"I think we're too late for that," Sadie responded.

He smirked, "You may be right, dear." He began to move.

<The Omega Sanction>

Black Sapphire walked from the hole she had created down from the surface along side of the crashed ships impact point.  Freezing the soil down on an angle and boosting her strength to its maximum before punching and shattering a hole down into the underground complex.

“ALPHA!!” She screamed out.

She strode through the debris of the earth, metal and ship as she searched for her opponent.  She heard a chuckle from the ground near her feet and she looked down and saw a computer tech buried under the rubble, a pool of blood slowly spreading out from him.  “What’s so funny jackass?”  She asked as she knelt beside him.

“You, you’re here…cough…to die, just as the shit starts to hit the fan…cough…heh, Alpha is going to kill you, we know everything there is to know about you,” his eyes slid shut and he breathed his last breath.

“Not everything retard, I hardly ever use all of my powers.”  Sapphire stood back up and stepped over the corpse and continued to make her way through the hallways leading out of the central computer zone, she noted as she exited that the walls were painted like a hospital with colored arrows leading to different parts of the complex.  She noticed some blood on the floor heading towards the Gamma Labs and Central Offices; she started down the hallway in that direction.

<Deeper in the Omega Sanction>

"I have no idea what is going on but we need to find Robert and exit as soon as we can."  Richard hissed.

"These tubes..." Sadie pointed as an explosion shook them violently in their housings. "There are people inside of them." From behind the glass a woman in the nearest tube stared at them, her cheek crossed in a scar. "I think she's awake."

"It doesn't matter. Let's move." Reader pulled at her and they continued deeper.

<The Epsilon Center>

Sapphire walked into the Central Office and found a maze of cubicles and a large empty room.  Large flat screen televisions were scattered around the room, several had the rainbow of a dead signal, but one showed a group of technicians fighting a pile of rocks and Alpha talking to them as they struggled.  She snarled and stepped back out and began to run down the hallway towards the Gamma Lab.

<The Gamma Lab>

Sapphire kicked the sliding doors of the Gamma Labs inwards in an explosion of glass and metal shards.  She snarled at the technicians frozen in shock at her entrance and they began to back away from her.  Alpha smiled at her.

“Welcome child,” he spoke loudly and his voice carried.

“Asshole it’s time I took you down for all the crap you have put me through,” her knuckles popped as she leapt at him.  He responded with a single fist, the shockwave rocked the floor.

<The Surface>

Agents stood around the massive wounds in the Earth, their weapons at the ready, just as Reader and his people breached the surface nearby.  The Agents pivoted on the new opponents.

Reader stared back at them.  "We Come in Peace?" He spoke quickly.

Agents Frost and Powerhouse moved to the front of the group.  “We’re with the DSA and you will submit to containment until the scene is secure and we have had time to question you thoroughly about what has happened.”  Reader nodded.  Several Agents moved up with handcuffs, two of which were bulky and when placed on Jordana and Sadie shut their abilities off. 

“Interesting,” Reader mumbled.  The Agents led them to a van and placed them in the back and closed them inside and moved back to secure the scene as the sounds of battle began to waft up through the holes and the ground began to vibrate from the conflict that raged beneath the surface.

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