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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Super Stories - Stand Alone 11

She is alone floating in a kinetic void of dimensional space, saved by chaos and chance.

Stand Alone 11 - Echoes across the Face

The first sound she heard was music, the music of the spheres.

The second sound was her screaming.

The last sound was her crying.

She floated in the endless expanse of the void, fluid below her and a white gray sky above.  She hovered in between them cruising at several dozen miles an hour, the force of the concussion carrying her across the dimension where her powers had pulled her to protect her from death.

Sapphire pulled her eyes open, forcing them to view her surroundings, the sky wasn’t just endless white and gray overtones it was filled with other earths and planets.  She looked at her body and saw the burns and blood, the damage the explosion had caused her before she ended up in this place.  She didn’t feel the pain internally but she knew deep within her soul that she should probably be dead right now.

Whatever it was that had saved her must be linked to her abilities, the power source that was similar to the Star Force but not actually alike at all, a source that bordered on the cosmic.

So she floated in this kinetic ether, she neither slowed nor sped up, just maintaining the speed in which she had entered.

It gave her time to think and to plot.

Whoever had done this to her was tied into her search for the Protégé that came before her, that much she was sure.  The 5 had popped onto the screens after she had viewed the last class of students at the Raven Institute before the Event had shut down the school.  That narrowed the search down to a handful of people.  The voice that had announced the ‘One’ was male and Walters had recognized it, but also seemed confused since she had the feeling that the Protégé had died in the past at some point.

So Protégé had either faked his death or was left for dead and now he was back for revenge, which apparently began with her and ended with the destruction of the cave and Walters.

He hadn’t counted on whatever happened to her then, an unknown ability being triggered by the explosive force that had slammed into her.  So she had surprise on her side and no way as to how she was going to take advantage of it, stuck in this musical floating hell.

She closed her eyes again and meditated on calming her center and focusing her energies inwards as Dune had taught her as a child.  Her mind began to drift backwards and brought with it memories that she had attempted to push aside.

TBC in the EVENT

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