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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Groups & Teams

Groups & Teams

WMD - The Weapons of Mass Destruction formed during the Harvester Crisis, led by the Dark Avenger and SuperDude, this team saves the world on a weekly basis.

IED - The Improvised Explosive Device are a group of the less powerful superhumans of the Super U’niverse, they are a sub-team of the WMD and as such handle lesser problems when they arise and the WMD are too busy to handle it on their own.

The Family - Led by Richard Reader aka Spectacular, this family of superhumans gained their abilities from an extra-dimensional accident that led to a war with a parallel earth (THE EVENT).  Other members of the Family are Visible Lass, Richard’s wife Sadie, Sear and Clobber, Joanna and Robert Garvey, husband and wife.  They tend to deal with some of the more serious cosmic threats like The Entity and his Scions.

Freedom’s Legacy - They were a group of six people led by The Commander during World War II, who answered to the Allies.  The Commander and Sentinel have since made their way into the future to become members of the WMD and assisted during the Harvester Crisis.

The Raven Institute for the Academically Gifted - A school for the augmented and genetic hybrids of the world, opened by Alejandro Raven on the outskirts of New York City on the Ravenswood estates, and future site of Super University.  It was closed down sometime after THE EVENT.  One of the students would become the first Protégé of the Dark Avenger and later become Zero a threat to NeoGothic City and the hero known as Black Sapphire.

Force 11 - After Arien Blackwood escaped custody by the government he went to the Show of Force bank and trust and committed suicide, his vaporous remains would imbue twelve people in the bank with amazing abilities and reawaken a dormant Star Force called the Pariah and in turn wake the Messiah deep in space.

Adventurers of the Undiscovered - A small group of family members who explore the world in search of answers to life’s mysteries.  Jack Rabbit of the WMD is a member of this group and through them discovered Amazona and her people before they were wiped out and found a god to worship and take the mantle of.

The Column – The governments’ government, super spies who watch everything and protect everyone.  Former directors include Jackson Black and Gregory Haines, the current director if Nicolette Q. Chalm, daughter of Jackson Black.

The B Listers - A sub-group of elite soldiers within the Column command structure.  They are led by Gregory Haines, the ex-director who had replaced Jackson Black after the death during THE EVENT.  They handle missions that threaten the American way of life.

Horizon - A group similar to the WMD from Earth II, made up of anti-heroes who were easily corrupted by the overwhelming influence of Pandemonium when arriving of the Super U’niverse Earth.  The team fell during THE EVENT, only one member managed to remain after the collapse of the Kaleidoscope Cascade.

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