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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team-Building 104 - Epilogue

Team-Building: Epilogue

Deep in the reaches of space...

He laughed at them, the sound carrying into the void. Heroes. Everywhen he went there were heroes and they were all the same; idealistic morons with a blown-up sense of self-importance, each one a carbon copy of another, greater hero.

But he was free now... free of that hellish void. He would be this world's ”Genesis…”

* * *

Central Park

The assembled heroes stood around as the various members of the Column and other federal organizations moved about them, collecting the Harvesters that managed to live through the attack. The ground still shifted underneath the ship and SuperDude watched it with a cautious eye. He had noticed the Dark Avenger vanish inside it earlier. Then he noticed Jack Rabbit blurring in and out over the span of several minutes.

“I have an idea about how we can make this work to our benefit,” he had said. So SuperDude had let him go, but continued to watch the Earth.

Suddenly an arm broke free of the ground and began to pull itself up, bringing with it a stony form. Its rocky head swiveled around and took in the scene as it continued to pull itself free. A look of confusion passed over its face and it looked up at him and spoke quietly. “I am awake again?”

“Again?” SuperDude responded.

“I was once there.” It waved at the sky. “Then I fell here, and slept for eons. Now I wake and find the world has changed. But Dawnbringer still looks down on me.”

SuperDude cocked an eyebrow. “How do you know that name?”
It laughed, a grinding noise coming from the rock comprised of its body. “We are brothers. I was once like you... filled with power. And now I am weakened, but powerful all the same. This time I feel imbued with strength from another... a cousin perhaps, not of this universe. I am to be the first of an army.”

“An army?” SuperDude asked.

“The Star Force Centurians, the protectors of the universe. And after I have completed delivery of the power to those who deserve it, I will return to Earth, as it has been designated my purvue.”

SuperDude smiled. “I welcome an ally that may aid us in our future endeavors.”

The rock man lifted off into the air and soared into the sky.

“Yeah that was all well and good, but what the hell just happened?” Nicolette asked from the ground. SuperDude glanced around at the crowd watching him. He shrugged. “Why did a rock fly away from the scene?”

“Had better places to be, I suppose.” He smiled and looked back at the rock as it hit the stratosphere. “Good journey, friend.”

* * *


“I call it the Hub.” The Dark Avenger spoke to the assembled WMD and IED. “I have placed it in the center of Megalopolis because of its location and centralization to most of our home cities, towns or islands. I am in the process of reverse-engineering the technology and crafting a platform for your homes so that we might be able to move around the world to do the most good.”

“So we stole the alien tech so we can teleport?” Jack Rabbit asked.
The Dark Avenger nodded. “It’s powerful, and does not need that much energy to use. The hydro-electric dams along the joined rivers running through the city are more than enough to power it. I will be able to set up solar power for the platforms, and therefore reduce any impact on the environment.”

“So, Here we are. Sixteen strong. Who’s ready to change the world?”

TBC in ????

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