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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team-Building 104 - Part 2E

Team-Building 104: Part 2E "Nemesis: Generations"

"Commander, do you remember me?"  

The Commander looked up from his work bench and nodded.  "You treated me after I arrived in this time."

"This time?"  The Dark Avenger asked.

"He arrived from World War II because of an explosion.  Chronal time platform or something... I forget exactly what,"  Jack Rabbit responded.

"I was disoriented after my arrival and the good doctor here helped me out,"  The Commander replied.

"But you are a medical doctor,"  SuperDude followed.

"I have three doctorates; only one in medicine, another is in psychology.  Anyway, these men are recruiting a team of able-bodied individuals like yourself. Are you interested?"  

"Commander Roger Stevens at your service."  His heels snapped together and he saluted.


"I understand that you and your team suspect this... Dr. Cro of suspicious activity?"  The General asked.  Stevens nodded his agreement.  "But you do not have any proof of this activity?"  He shook his head.  "Then why are you here?"

"I would like my team to try and gather evidence against Cro and his plans to aid the Reich,"  Stevens replied.

"How many men do you have in your squad?"

"Six, sir.  But they are not all men, I have a woman and an android."  The General cocked an eyebrow.  "I don't discriminate, sir.  Well, unless she wants to vote! Good thing she isn't an American."

The General's mouth opened and closed.  Rogers cut off his response, "She's the leader or Queen, if you will, of an underwater kingdom.  One of our allies, called Aquatopia.  She is one of the reasons we are winning the sea-side part of this conflict."

"Who else is in this squad of yours?"  The General sat back in his chair and twisted to watch as Stevens pulled out a photo album from his Go Bag.  He pointed to each individual as he spoke their name and gave some information of their duties.

"This is Sentinel.  An Android crafted by...I don't know who created him, actually.  Never seemed important.  He is my right hand and main firepower."

"Queen Neptunia, Matriarch of Aquatopia. She's like a tank, sir.  Draws on the power of the oceans or some such.  I have yet to meet something that can make her bleed."

"Gino Torelli, nicknamed The Italian by the group, mostly because he hails from Italy.  He's my runner and small arms expert."

"Harry English.  British face-man able to disguise himself into pretty much anyone he can see.  I use him for intelligence gathering and honey pots, mainly."

"Finally there's me.  Roger Stevens also known as the Commander.  I provide leadership and tactical expertise, as well as combat techniques from across Europe.  The final member of my unit is unavailable at this time so I need not go into those details right now."  The General nodded his agreement.  "Together we have been calling ourselves Freedom's Legacy.  One of the newswires started calling us that after we fought The Thunder Driver at Big Ben a month after we went active."

The General nodded again.  "I will approve this information-gathering mission against Genetic Innovative Cro Organic Nanotechnologies, or Genicon for short, but only as an info-gathering mission and not an attack.  I want proof that he is a threat before I will order an attack."  

The Commander nodded.

TBC in Team-Building 104: Part 2F

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