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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Astrobiology 106 - Part 4

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I am the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I’m out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.

“I am filled with such hate, such rage, it consumes me. I fear that I will lose myself in the days to follow. My soul holds on as my conscience berates me.”

“I do not understand what you are saying.”

“I am saying that my essence is corrupt and fails me.”

“I will cure you and I will save your soul.”

Astrobiology 106 Part 4 - Fate of the… 

“Hope comes with the Dawn.” Dawnbringer

Sapphire exited the ship and stormed off towards the Director, her fist clenched at her side, one mega-ton punch primed. 
“I assume you are angry?” He said when she was within range. “Understand that any attack on my person will constitute an act of aggression and result in your expulsion from the Academy and exile from ever stepping foot on the grounds again. Also you will not receive the information you came for.” The Director smiled smugly.

“MEGA-TON PUNCH!!!” Sapphire’s fist slammed into the Directors jaw and lifted him from his feet and he flew backwards. She watched him sail across the room, heading towards a large pillar. Immediately he slammed to a stop and several potted plants launched in random directions, their momentum accelerated as his was bled off into them. He dropped to the ground a moment later unharmed from an additional impact.

“Look asshat, you sent me to capture or kill someone who actually does need to die for murdering my boyfriend some time back, but now seems to be the only one protecting that world from you.” She straightened from her punching posture and began to walk toward him again. “You people claim to be scholars, but you're thieves and conquerors.”

“That is incorrect,” bright orange blood dripped from his mouth and a cut on his cheek. “We wish to witness the rebirth of a Star Force whole. KhazaRhan refuses to allow anyone on the world. There is only so much we can learn from orbit, readings from the surface would be beyond useful. Can you negoti…” Sapphire growled and cut him off as she took another step closer.

“Not going to happen. Once that thing hatches, I’m going to find KhazaRhan and kill her permanently. Now you are going to hand over the details that you have on the Scions and the one called Alex, and I’ll give you the rest of my report.” The Director stood and brushed himself off and thought it over for a few seconds, then nodded.

“Follow me.” The Director turned and walked away. Sapphire shot a look over her shoulder to Hr’lune and nodded.

Sometime later, Earth…

“We once played a game between the two of us.  Well, my father and I used to play a game. Once my kinetic abilities began to manifest he developed a way to hone them and narrow their field and improve my line-of-sight capabilities. It was all done with a baseball and a blind fold, believe it or not. I was so bruised by the time we got done playing but it was fun and I don’t regret a single minute of it.” Sapphire sat in a chair across from the Scion imprisoned in the SPIRaL.

Alex looked up after a moment, “Please continue. I like hearing stories.” His head sagged again. “I never had a chance to have any children myself. The Entity claimed me as one of his Scions some time ago. I have been trapped ever since.”

“The way that it is understood is that the Entity chooses one whom is worthy to take in the god seed and become his Scion. But he cannot force that choice on to someone. They must choose to become greater?” 

Alex nodded. “Cannot be forced. But who would ever turn down so much?”

“I see. I know there’s a power and responsibility speech somewhere or one that has absolute power corrupting, but I’m not here for moral dilemmas. I am here to try and free you from his hold.” Sapphire stood and walked to stand in front of him. The light weakened him and only had a slight effect on her, but she felt queasy nonetheless. “There are ways to free you. One is by death. A second is if the Entity takes back his seed. Thirdly, there is a way to drain the power from you and move it into another host. The Academy believes that is how the third killed the first; she drained him and then murdered him.” A glimmer of hope shown in his eyes and he smiled.

“But what if I don’t want to be free from the Entity?” His voice had shifted and his demeanor seemed harsher. “What if I am allowing myself to be caught and wish to be held captive in this place? Do you really think humans could hold D’eth, the final Scion?” He began to push at the restraints and the metal began to groan.

“Yes I believe that Alex Whitman is a good man, a human man, and he does not wish to wreck havoc across the universe. You weren’t captured by a human; you were captured by an alien bounty hunter. That proves just how weak you currently are. But then again, you are on Earth, and we have at least a dozen Super Geniuses, and they designed this cell, your restraints and the block you currently reside in.” She took a step away from him and turned back to speak over her shoulder. “Oh, and the power dampener as well. SuperDude might have a hard time escaping from here, and he’s the most powerful person on this planet. Enjoy your stay. I’ll be in touch.”


Mercedes sat at the bar quietly waiting for her date to arrive. The waiter set down another beer and grabbed the empty from the countertop. The bell dinged above the door as someone entered. She glanced at the mirror over the bar and saw Nicolette Chalm walk in. She was dressed like a normal person, as off-duty as someone in her position ever got. Mercedes swiveled in the stool and grabbed the glass from the bar and stood. She motioned to a booth, and met her halfway.

Nicolette sat as the waiter arrived with two menus and a glass of water. Mercedes thanked him and sat down, picking up a menu after she set the beer on a coaster. She opened it up to the entrees and found a large green "4" colored in crayon across the face. She sighed and waved the waiter back over and ordered an appetizer.

TBC in Stand Alone 8

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