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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team-Building 104 - Part 3G

Team-Building 104: Part 3G "Galaxy Quest: Insurrection"

"KIMBO BLASTAR YEVETTE!!" She shouted at the Harvestor stalking towards her. Bright bursts of chaotic light raced from her fingertips and struck the key points along the alien's life lines. It screamed in terror and took a step away from her. The harness on its chest started to blink and whine and it managed another step towards her.

"RAMBUDONE!!" Pink chains leapt from her chest and wrapped around its limbs. She took a step backwards and the creature followed suit. She smiled.

"ALLAVETTE TRIGGODONE YAYYOOE!!" The chains started to spin as she released the tether that bound the magic between them from her chest. Then like a chainsaw it ripped through the aliens flesh and tore the limbs from its body, the head and torso smacking into the cobblestones like discarded meat at a slaughterhouse.

She snapped the fingers on her right hand and spoke, "KEEYOE SIMMALARE!!" The pieces of the alien smashed back together and ground into one another, taking up less space with each pulse of the aliens heart, until it was gone.

"So what the fuck did you guys want?"


Before the Earth had cooled two souls were bound in its stone. Powerful beings that had died in a war of jealousy and rage. One was of anger and hate and the blackest evil, the other inherently good and strong in spirit. The Earth was balanced by these two and over the eons fed the world.


Few among humanity are gifted with the ability to harness the power latent in the souls of the Earth. Those that are able are soon called to one of two places nestled deep in the hidden recesses of the planet. Two cities. The Mystic City of Sham'bala or the Dark City of Carcass. The Mystic City is deep in the mountains of Europe, hidden in the climbs and valleys. The Dark City is rotting in the jungles of South America. There are satellite cities at junction points around the world. They are small and spread out from a small temple directly over two of the lei lines.

The Mystic and Dark Cities sit on a major site for the lei lines, eight cardinal points join and align with the Grand Line which is one of the paths of the universe. In the Mystic City a fountain was built on this spot and its waters have amazing properties. In the Dark City the fountain is one of legend, searched for by many and those who found it were destroyed by the darkness instead of given youth as the legends promised.

The history of the Dark City will come soon but for now we focus on the Mystic City. Two paths spiral down from the lip, a perfect helix. The whole of the city was designed by the First People, and crafted to utilize the Good into energy and power to aid in the formation of the civilized world around them. There are seven levels which hold houses and businesses and schools and dojo's. Each level is significant in its power, and the closer to level one, or the bottom, the more powerful the abilities of the people of that level.

In the current era three Proctors rule over the Mystic City, Anneletta the High Priestess, Thaddeus the Master of Arms, and Kimalia the Judge. Together they are the law. The city is a well-oiled machine with one exception: Wendy Zatanikoff, teenage girl with more raw magickal talent than half of the city.

"She's a trouble-maker that one." Thaddeus said.

"Just like her mother, Ancient Ones bless her soul." Kimalia replied.

In this Age of Powers, Magick is making itself known, and loudly.

TBC in Team-Building 104: Part 3H

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