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Sunday, April 14, 2013

History 101 - Part 3

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I am a hero on a foreign world. I'm the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I'm out patrolling the streets, and this is my Blog.


Their hands locked and the test of strength began, neither willing to give ground. Shrulk drove her back a step, sweat beading on her forehead. "Why don't you die?!"

"Can't...!" She twisted her left heel and pivoted, turning into the grapple and pulling, forcing a shift in their momentum which her power latched onto and increased. Shrulk lost its footing and flew half a block away, into a parked SUV.

"YES!!" She hopped a little.

"Don't get cocky." The voice growled into her ear-piece.


Rex Ruthless smiled as Shrulk was unloaded from the Column special transport. He held out his hand and the creature shook it. "We haven't been introduced. I am Rex Ruthless, and I have facilitated your release."

"We know who you are Mr. Ruthless. What we don't know is why?" It responded.

"That's the easy part. Because I crave knowledge, and through that knowledge I can gain power. My dream is to someday rise above the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world... not that I am not already ridiculously rich and powerful. I wish to have a legacy that stretches far into the future, and to do that I must start here, in the present." The creature nodded its head. "So to begin that quest I have freed you and built you another lab. I call it ARC One, the Advanced Research Collective, the first of many such facilities that I hope to build all over the Earth. You have carte blanche to continue your research, and maybe someday you will find a cure for what ails you."

"What if we don't want to be cured?"

"That, of course, is up to you."

Shrulk nodded again.

"Allow me to leave you to your task." Rex turned and climbed in his limo and it drove off, leaving the Jessup's to their life as it was.

Months pass...

The last of the switches were hit and the system powered itself on. Various bits of machinery twisted and adjusted themselves as the perfect trajectory was plotted. Shrulk hit the last button. The machine pulsed and immediately the screens around the room lit up with data.

He/She looked over the readings and smiled. "This proves that Dr. Kirby was right, the Star Force is real. The Universe is evolving." Randall spoke quietly.

"At least the Stars are." Erica replied.

"These other readings prove that we have been imbued by a portion of one of these Star Forces, and also that there are more than a dozen readings scattered around the globe."

"This proves our theory on SuperDude."

"What we sensed has to be a Star Force."

"But not diluted like ours. Pure."

"He rarely leaves the confines of Megalopolis. I wonder why he engaged us back then?"

"Someday we will have to ask him."

"Does this mean I can track SuperDude?" Ruthless spoke from the observation platform. Shrulk looked back and up towards him.

"Not in the way you would like." Their voices in unison once again. "This only gives a general location. We would have to refine it, and that would take more time, funds and information. We would have to develop a new tool and scans of SuperDude would be needed as each of the Star Forces seem to vary in degree and strength. Personal readings." It nodded to itself. "We can get these for you. We have been waiting for another chance at... him."

"Make it so." Ruthless spun on his heel and exited." Shrulk went back to the computers and began to work.

More time passes...

The Jessup's looked down on the city and watched SuperDude as he patrolled the East Bank of the river. Their scanners had taken weeks to install and were all working perfectly, passively scanning him as he patrolled the city each day, each scan narrowing the power down.

The creatures arm pinged, and it looked down at the forearm scanner. 98% complete. Data was being mined and collated. "Another few passes and we will have the complete genetic code and power set of SuperDude."

"Really?" Shrulk jumped a bit. They turned and saw SuperDude standing behind them. "I would hate to burst your bubble, but the scans you have been taking are false positives."

"What?" Shrulk lifted its arm and watched as the counter pinged to 100%. PROFILE COMPLETE. SUBJECT SHRULK ALREADY ON FILE. "How?!"

"I have been using my super-speed redirect the scanners, faster than you can even blink. One of my associates gave me the hint that something was up."

Shrulk growled.

"But since you haven't actually committed any crimes yet, I can't take you back to the Spiral. But..." SuperDudes hand popped Shrulk in the chin and she/he went flying. "STAY OUT OF MY CITY!!" he shouted.


SCAN COMPLETE. 100% OF GENETIC DATA RECEIVED. Rex Ruthless smiled and steeples his hands together. "Excellent."


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