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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Astronomy 102 - Part 1

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I'm the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphirewhen Im out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.

SATURDAY SUPER STORIES - ASTRONOMY 102: Part 1 "Space the Final Frontier"

Walters finished his swim in the Olympic-sized pool on the west side of the Avenging Cavern, deep beneath the city. He surfaced and pulled himself to the lip. "The universe is a vast and mysterious place," Walters spoke up from the pool.

"Um? Duh?" Sapphire said from the weight bench, located a dozen yards to the south of the pool.

"You don't understand do you? This is important." Walters said.

"Where is this coming from? Why are you even bringing this up?  We havent dealt with any cosmic stuff, like, ever," Mercedes responded.

"Early warning system that Spectacular and I left outside Jupiter pinged a few hours ago, then Mars a few minutes ago. Trajectory says New York City. Hit the books. You have a few hours before it breaches the atmosphere."

"Sigh..." Black Sapphire dropped the weights to the floor and strode north towards the cooled area that contained the computer archives.


The two Scions floated in the void... the vast empty nothingness of space. A'gon and Spin'dell spoke quietly to one another.

"You know our true purpose Spin'dell. We come upon a world and sow the seeds of chaos so that our Master may feed on the destruction."

"Yesss A'gon, thisss I know all to well. The Entity and hisss Scionsss came upon my world ages before you were hatched. We must tarry no longer, for he grows impatient." A'gon nodded. They turned in unison and drifted towards the world.

"How do you want to do thisss?" Spin'dell's slender frame drifted to a stop, wisps of her carried off by solar winds.

"I don't have any way in particular in mind this time." A'gon shrugged. They turned and continued down towards the Earth.

<Previous Encounters>

1883 - The Volcano Krakatoa erupts killing thirty six thousand people. The loudest sound heard on the planet Earth. Triggered by Cyn'dre, the woman of Mercury, third of the Scions.

1348-1350 - The Black Death ravages Europe, killing as many as possible before time and distance halt its spread. Considered a failure by the Entity, as the panic and chaos caused by the plague was brief, and all too fatal in every instance. The plague was crafted by the creature from Pluto, Fre'on.

234- September 4, 476 - The Fall of the Roman Empire. The initial plan only led to a centuries-long decline. It was the greatest failure of the Scions. N'tre, the man from Saturn's attempt at Earth reclaiming its land from whom he considered the despoilers. This was his one and only failure, as the Entity took his Seed back.

79 - Pompeii, the precursor to Krakatoa.  Brief and extreme. Complete and utter chaos incarnate. Perfect in its execution, and completely fatal. Saw a resurgence of Chaos in the 1700's when the destruction was finally discovered.

The First Encounter, billions of years ago - An asteroid, the Planet-Killer, arrives from deep space. The First's ultimate solution; his only flaw was that the dominate species at the time, the dinosaurs, were not intelligent enough to cause enough panic and chaos to feed the Entity. What could have been a feast was merely a snack. This would be a plan the First would use multiple times across the millennia, until his demise at the hands of the Third.


June 30, 1908 - Tunguska, Russia

"These are just the ones that I have tried to confirm. Witnesses have been hard to come by, but some accounts of the later instances exist, in journals and diaries, and in one case oral tradition passed on through a tribe of Native Americans." He snapped the laser pointer down on the table.

"Why are you bringing this to my attention?" Asked the regional director of the Okrug.

"Well, because if I'm right, and I usually am, the next event will be today. Here, in Russia." He smiled.

"Who are you?" The director asked.

"Oh me? I'm Spectacular."

To be continued in Astronomy 102 - Part 2...

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