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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Intro to Education - Part 1

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I am the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I’m out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.

“Have you finished?”  Walter’s spoke up from behind her.  Sapphire sniffled and wiped at her nose then nodded.

“There’s something I don’t understand about you and why you are making me do all of this.”  Sapphire responded.  “I understand that you have gone out of your way when no one else would and have taken me in when I had nowhere else to go.  I get that you see potential as a hero in me and that you feel I need more training before you think I will be ready.  But I think that you may have done this before, that I’m not the first one that you have brought here and gone through this with.”

Walter’s nodded.  “You aren’t the first and who knows, you probably won’t be the last.  Complete training is important to me and what I did out in the world.  It does not do anyone any good to be unprepared when fighting crime.  Before I picked my Protégé I taught at a school outside of the city, I was doing one of the WMD a favor and helping some of the students there to be better strategists and hand to hand fighters.  I did this for a few semesters and one of them caught my eye and I took him under my wing and expanded his training to replace me and my duty.”  Walter’s looked away from her then and stared off into the darkness.  “I lost him.”  Sapphire stood to go to his side and he held up a hand.  “Stay.  You have more work to do.”  He walked off and she lost him in the shadows.

Intro to Education Part 1 - The Freshman

My name is Steve Saunders and I am a super hero?

Allow me to clarify that statement.  I have extra-normal abilities granted to me through a quirk in my genetic code.  The Government has taken to calling us Hybrids, this new generation of powers, born of Augmented parents.

My Parents are famous, my mother is a cook and has a chain of chicken restaurants under her ‘wing’ and my father is a businessman.  Between the two of them I am second hand famous, and now that I am in this school I have to hide who I am to save my parents from possible embarrassment. 

The school is the Raven Institute for the Academically Gifted.  It is run by a man named Alejandro Raven and is the reason I even exist in the first place.  Many years ago he worked with a company called GeniCon along with another woman and through them another doctor, Barnabus Alexander, better known to the world as Jack Rabbit, the speedster of the WMD.  GeniCon and Alexander developed a way to harness the genetic code of a being to hijack DNA and kick start a chemical chain reaction to grant the individual exposed to the process abilities beyond the normal.  They were quickly referred to as Augments or the Augmented.  Some of the Augmented became heroes, some used their abilities for villainy and others just maintained their normal lives, ignoring their powers as much as they could.

Several weeks ago Alejandro came to my parents and offered to train me and finish my schooling at no cost to them and they quickly agreed.  I think they secretly hoped that they would never see me again.  It seems that I was the first Hybrid born on the Earth.  So I was some kind of a big deal to the government and GeniCon.  Luckily GeniCon folded before any of my abilities manifested and Alejandro was watching out for me and kept me off the radar of those who would exploit me.

Within the first few weeks of my arrival several more students came to the school.  

Joan Grant, a young woman who would become the healer of my group.  She was a Meta-Kineticist, which broke down to her being a telekinetic at the molecular level and able to mend wounds by rearranging the strands of DNA.

Huffington MacDougall, a brilliant young man who acted as our tank.  He was able to increase his mass to become a solid form related to the strength of his density at the moment, being wood, stone, or metal.

Randall Douglas, he decided he liked being called the Elemental.  He was able to harness and transform his body into the various basic elements and then mix them into additional forms.  Which enough preparation he was able to become magma bleeding a cone of freezing cold in a time of extreme stress.

These were to be my classmates for the first few semesters.  Their abilities had all started to manifest so they were in need of training in the use and control of them.  There was supposed to be a fifth member of our group but Wallace Wellington developed flight and unfortunately had no control over it and was struck by a jet liner, he was killed instantly.  

It would be a few days before we would meet the Special teachers that Mr. Raven had brought in to help train us.

TBC in Intro to Education Part 2…

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