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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Intro to Education - Part 2

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I am the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I’m out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.

“I work with the Dark Avenger and there are days that I feel like I do not know him at all.  He has a Protégé and this is the first I am hearing of it?”  Sapphire looked away from the scene and then back again.  

“I suppose it makes sense that I am not the first and I will probably not be the last to protect NeoGothic City from the terrors of the night.  But not mentioning that he had lost someone that meant something to him is…cruel I think?”  Black Sapphire stood up and walked around for a few minutes trying to piece her mind back together.  

She stopped and turned back to the computer and pulled up the files of his tenure at the Raven Institute.

Intro to Education Part 2 - Higher Learning

“My name is Maximillion Maxwell Powers; the students have taken to calling me 3M for some reason.  I am an Augment and my abilities are mental in nature.  I possess an Eidetic Memory, and a tactically analytical brain.  I teach several courses in the school, two classes to the normal students and another two to the gifted amongst us.”

“There are normal students here also?”  Huffington MacDougall asked.

“That is correct.  Mr. Raven is looking out for the Hybrid students, but this is a school for the academically gifted also.  The normal students here are in the highest percentile of academic community.  This is a fully accredited school.  I will be your student advisor and your homeroom teacher, if you have any problems, complaints or questions please feel free to come to me with any issues that may be bothering you.”


“I was once called the Rainbow Maniac by the press.  After gaining my abilities I decided to try and rob a bank.  I made it as far as the foyer and started to call out to the assembled masses and chickened out.  It did not stop the banks security guard from shooting me in the leg and having me arrested.”  He smiled at the class.

“Why did they arrest you?”  Steve questioned.  “You didn’t actually commit the crime.”

“Why did they call you the Rainbow Maniac?”  Joan asked immediately after Steve finished.

“The guard saw my Augmentation,” he began to raise his sleeves, “And reacted to the unknown.”  Gemstone-like growth sprouted from the back of his hands and ran up his forearms and elbows, stopping just below his shoulders.  The gemstone flickered through the colors of the spectrum.  “They released me the next day since I had not actually done anything wrong.  I was awarded a small settlement for being shot.  The press latched onto my appearance and assigned me the name after I was released.  It stuck and was my 15 minutes of fame.”

“Other than looking pretty what does it do?”  Huffington asked as he leaned forward to take in as much of the gemstone that he could from his seat.

“I can generate the gemstone in various amounts and discovered that once I had enough of it I could summon individual colors as a beam of light that causes various afflictions.  Some are psychological; some are physical, although this is limited by proximity and line of sight.”

“How do you mean?”

“The mass floats above me; I usually have it in the atmosphere where it cannot be seen easily which limits the accuracy of my shots do to fights being a moving thing.  I focus on the “bitch” hit when it comes to conflicts.”  The students snickered.  “This means I try and avoid fights when I can since I tend to lose physical confrontations.  I would prefer it if you would call me Eli as it is my given name and please try and avoid calling me the Rainbow Maniac.”  He reached back and lifted the large history book from his desk.  “Okay class today we will start with Napoleon and the battle of Waterloo.”



“Alright class, sit down and shut up.  My name is Mr. Walters.  I am your Combat Education teacher and I will be teaching you how to defend yourself and how to work as a unit.  You will be assigned a team and you will work with that group of people for the rest of the year.  There are no questions in who gets assigned with whom, and I make the final decision. Period.”  He walked to the chalk board and began to right out names of squads.  Red, Blue, Black, and finally Brown, then he began to list names below the squads.  There were groans and general grumblings as he proceeded.  “Each of the groups has been calibrated to be effective statistically, giving you a Tank, a DPS, and a Healer, with one additional member as support.”  He moved around to the front of the desk and ordered everyone to stand.  “Now we go outside and everyone is going to be punched in the face just so you know how it feels.”  The female students raised their hands in objection.  “Everyone.”


A cigarette dangled from his bottom lip and he pulled it up and took a long drag the cherry lighting his face slightly.  He exhaled and smiled at the class.  “My name is Wynn Francis Hunter Lockheart.  I am the son of the greatest occult detective in North America, Damian Lockheart, which means I am in my father’s shadow and I have something to prove to him.  So I turned to teaching.”  He walked to the chalkboard and began to write out his name.  “So I am here to make you all aware that the supernatural is real and teach you about the two cities of magick and the villages of mystism.”  A hand shot up and he nodded at the wielder.

“But none of us are magic.”  Joan stated.

“Magick, with a k.”  He turned back to the board and continued to write.  “I understand that none of you are mystic in nature but at the same time you are a derivative of the supernatural.  That is why you are in this school to begin with.  DNA that fed your parents abilities fuel the blood that runs in your veins and that DNA was at its heart mystic in nature.”  He took another drag and exhaled.  They noticed then that the smoke was caught and pushed from the room out a window.  “I come from mixed breeding.  My father is one of the supernatural forces that protects the world and my mother was…a cross dimensional tryst.”  Wynn frowned at the thought.

“There’s other dimensions?”  Huffington asked.

Wynn sighed.  “Yup and that’s a different class entirely.  Now if you will all open to page three of your books…”

TBC in Intro to Education Part 3…

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