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Sunday, April 14, 2013

History 101 - Part 2

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I am a hero on a foreign world. I'm the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I'm out patrolling the streets, and this is my Blog.

SATURDAY SUPER STORIES - HISTORY 101 Part 2: “Cause and Effect”

Black Sapphire dodged under its outstretched hands and slammed her palm into the side of its knee. Shrulk growled above her and whirled around as she continued into a roll past it.

"Little Bitch!" it hissed, the voice more feminine this time. Black Sapphire smirked back at it.

"Been called worse."


"My name is Hubert Davenport the Third. I have been bought and paid for by your benefactor Rex Ruthless, owner and CEO of Ruthless Unlimited." The man sat down and set his briefcase on the table.

"I did not ask for a lawyer." The creature mumbled. Its eyes strained to focus on the small man before it.

"Nonetheless I am here. As your legal counsel I have the ability to attempt to secure your release from the SPIRaL." The door to the room slammed open and an attractive blond woman stormed in. Her uniform was a stylized military getup and a crude patch covered a quarter of her face, deep scars running from one cheek and across her nose into her hairline.

"The Hell you are!" she growled.

"Ms. Chalm, you have no right to be here. This is a private conversation."

"Haven't heard the monster accept your proposal yet, so she/he ain't your client." She knelt down and got in the face of the lawyer. "That thing killed six civilians, and a cop. It isn't going anywhere as long as I have a say-so."

"Fortunately for me then, you do not. There was just an act passed in Congress that allows recently-created 'Augments' a pass, as it were, if sufficient ground can be made for state of mind after the augmentation. Shrulk here was obviously distressed after the accident and was heading for assistance when she/he was intercepted by 'SuperDude' and attacked and arrested."

"We'll see about that." She turned on her heel and stormed out. The door closed behind her. Hubert turned back to his client.

"I assume this means I'm hired?" he asked the creature. It nodded.

"What do you need from me? I know this isn't out of the kindness of Ruthless's heart."

"We need details on the experiment; everything up until the accident which created you. Everything on the Zeta Wave Project." It nodded. Davenport pulled out a cellphone and fired off a quick text. "Let's begin."

"My sister and I were following up on experiments performed by the late Dr. Kirby. He theorized that the universe was filled with life. Part of this life was contained in the stars."

"The stars?"

"Yes, the stars. His hypothesis claimed that since stars evolved and had life cycles, starting from birth as a Nebula, and moving through cycles until death, be it Black Hole, neutron or Black Dwarf. There are several phases in between." Shrulk sipped at the glass of water that had been provided, as Davenport took notes. It continued.

"We were scanning several of the closest stars to Earth when the accident occurred. One of our machines was in the process of retrieving some material; straight energy-transference into a shielded containment vessel. The vessel ruptured as one of the micro quakes broke apart the foundation. We can only guess what happened after. We remember being at the main monitors for the scanning of Alpha Centauri when the breach occurred. We woke up fused together. Both of our minds are intact... each individual personality is here, but at the same time we have a sort of... hive-mind."


"We each have thoughts, but our minds work together to move this body. We speak as one, unless we allow the other to the forefront. Also our emotional state makes our primary voice more prominent."

"What about the Armor?"

"We think that it is a part of the Star Force that bonded with us. The transfer of the sample was incomplete, and we have not been able to confirm if it is indeed the sample. Our records at the facility have been damaged beyond repair and we have no idea if our offsite location remains intact." Davenport looked up from his notes.

"Where is this location? I can inform Mr. Ruthless, and he may send a team to retrieve the information, it may be able to help clear you." Shrulk told him and he wrote it down, and the lawyer fired off another quick text message. "Anything else?" he asked.

Shrulk shook its head. "Nothing else. We haven't had the opportunity to test our abilities or review the readings. Once we have that information we should be able to tell Mr. Ruthless more." Davenport nodded, then packed up his things. He shook the creatures hand and exited.

"That thing is never leaving this facility." Nicolette Q. Chalm stood against the wall to the right of the door.

"We'll see, Ms. Chalm. I have enough material to start an appeal. You'll be hearing from us soon."


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