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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team-Building 104 - Part 4K

Team-Building 104: Part 4K - "The Voyage Home: The Motion Picture"

Warmonger touched down like a ship landing. The current suit he piloted was massive and bulky. He flipped between the cameras mounted all across his armor plating which granted him almost 360 degree vision. He had used multiple sources to confirm where the location of the final battle versus the Harvesters was going to occur.

Central Park in New York City.

Their ship had landed right at the entrance and they were using the park as a staging point, bouncing from location to location all across the Earth. Another group had been taking the fight to them as they attempted to ‘harvest’ whatever it was that they were after. Warmonger had sent word to them via an intermediary to come here to join the final fight.

He flipped another toggle and looked over the small group of people he had gathered as the secondary group had been gathering their own crew. He hoped it was enough, because whatever the power source was inside of their ship, it was building up some kind of charge and would be ready to unleash within a few hours.

“Alright everyone take your positions and get ready for the first salvo. My landing was sure to draw their attention and I'm positive they do not want anyone screwing with their ship... or their plans,” the microphone mounted to the neck of the Warmonger suit chirped.

A hiss sounded from the ship and gates opened across the face of it.  The Harvesters made their first move.


“People are always asking me, 'Thomas Smith, how did you become the Warmonger?' ”

“ 'That’s easy,' I say. 'Through hard work and perseverance'... but actually I sort of lucked into the whole situation. My family has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Throughout the ages there has been a Smith watching from the wings ready to assist with a new discovery.”

“I had a colleague who had developed a form of artificial intelligence that backfired on him... badly. But he had laid the groundwork for the next stage of the development of the Warmonger suit. I used an AI with much less power and intelligence to form the basis of the prototype and used it remotely to aid firefighters and hazardous material workers in cleaning up disasters. This led the public to assume that the Warmonger was a robot. Technically in the early days he was.”

“As the world progressed and technology jetted forward at the speed of light, the suit became more complex and was soon able to hold a pilot. The true Warmonger was born just after the WMD was formed, soon after the Harvesters attacked the Earth.”

“So are you finally admitting that you and the Warmonger are the same person?” the reporter asked.

“Didn't actually say that, but nice try, Ms. Wilson.”

TBC in Team-Building 104: Part 4L

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