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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Archaeology 103 - Part 2

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I'm the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I’m out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.


"You think this is our girl?"

She nodded. "This was definitely her. Look at how the metal burst here and here. It's as if the metal was super-heated and then cooled in those spots, forcing the breaks. See how it's buckled there? She used some kind of lever to break the hinges and then clean out the vault. I would say less than two minutes for the whole operation. Police arrived two minutes after that and she was long gone. Cameras were disabled from the outside, and that means she had to have been working with a second party." He looked at her. "You know how she is, 'computers are the enemy' and all that. I blame the robotic sentries from Earth 9 for that. If they hadn't invaded on her eleventh birthday she might have grown up more well-adjusted."

"We're just lucky that the invasion took more than thirty years to get to us, and that by the time they had breached their technology was so out-of-date it was like rocks versus lasers. Good thing that the Da Vinci virus wiped out their home world, too, or else her kids would have to worry about the next attempt." She laughed at that.

"That would mean she would have to settle down and actually try to have someone in her life. At this rate we'll be long dead before she has children. Face it, Alex, we're never going to be grandparents."
He nodded and knelt down looking at the wreckage thoroughly.

"Hey, you two! Are you authorized to be in here?" A voice called out from behind the police line. Alex and Sandra stood up and flashed their badges.

"Department of Superhuman Affairs." She spoke loudly. "We're pretty sure this was caused by the one they call Black Sapphire."


"I can' me!!" She broke the Asian's hold and turned the momentum gained into a foot sweep, which he hopped over and away from. He cocked an eyebrow and dashed forward landing a blow in her right kidney and the small of her back, then cart wheeled away from her retaliatory strike.

"You are not Black Sapphire," he spoke to her quietly. "She would never fall for such a basic attack. This attempt to defeat me will fail." His feet slid apart, the left slightly more forward then the right.


"Gennon, whatever commands you gave her isn’t working on this one. He's obviously faced her before in combat and may have even trained her a bit." His hand went to his ear and he listened to the response, "Alright but I think my getting involved is going to end in this guy's death. Understood."

* * * * * * *

"Alpha, I am sending in Michael the Geist to assist in the apprehension of the one called Dune."
 Alpha nodded from his throne. "You are good to go."

* * * * * * *

He dropped down silently behind Dune, and pulled a long blade from the small of his back. Sapphire's fist erupted in flames as she cocked her arm back for a devastating blow. Dune caught a glint of reflection cast on her body from something behind him and dodged at the last possible second, the skin on his face peeling back from the heat of the miss. She connected with The Geist’s chest and drove him back into a wall, knocking the blade from his hand.

As it clattered across the pavement, Dune drove a knee into his face knocking him unconscious. Then he quickly turned back to Sapphire. Her other hand slipped into her pouch and dropped a device to the ground at his feet, and he dove away as it exploded. He rolled with his shoulder and came back to his feet, turning once again to face her.

"How goes the information gathering?" He asked her.

"Well, but I still haven’t figured out why they wanted me. Have you told my parents yet?"

"No, it would interfere with their jobs at the Department. For now they will have to stay in the dark. What’s your mission here?"

"We have to capture you, alive preferably, but I’m thinking if we wound you enough..."

"I agree." He picked up the knife and centered himself. "How much time?"

"Just a few more seconds." She walked back to him, as he drove the blade into his side, she grasped the handle as the feed was restored, the smoke from the explosion billowing about. Dune grasped her shirt and slid away from her to the ground, a look of shock and betrayal on his face. Sapphire stared back, her face impassive.

The Geist stirred from his spot on the ground. "It seems you finished the job alone."

"Did you doubt me, automaton?"

TBC in Archaeology 103 Part 3

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