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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team-Building 104 - Part 3I

Team-Building 104: Part 3I - "Galaxy Quest: Deep Space... NEIN"

"Oh, I borrowed him from the Chronicon Helveticum (1734–36), by Gilg Tschudi. The poor bastard didn't have the stones to return to the tale I stole him from." The Literary spoke quietly through the pane of glass separating him from the costumed hero.
SuperDude frowned. "What do you mean 'borrowed?'"

The Literary smiled. "I absorb books you see. Through that absorption I am able to summon things from them, be it a person, place or thing. With significant preparation I can summon events." The Literary stopped, a confused look on his face.

SuperDude smiled. "Thank you for your assistance." He turned and walked away from the visitor area of the prison. "You were right."

"I usually am." The Dark Avenger responded. "Whilhelm Tell is his given name. and he's Swiss. I suggest we start there."

"I'm en route," Jack Rabbit spoke up.

"I could have teleported us," Conjuressa interjected.

"We're good," three of them hastily responded at the same time.


He drew back the string and pulled it taut. He held the shot and his eyes followed the tip of the arrow as he targeted the criminal about to attack the civilian. He smiled wryly and let the bow do its job. It flew straight and true and punched right through the man’s jacket at the shoulder and popped into a seam in the brickwork behind him; pinning him in place.

The woman continued on her way as the man struggled to get free. William walked into the alleyway casually and stopped in front of the man.

“Who are you?” the man spoke in his native German tongue.

“William Tell,” he replied quietly. “You will be punished for your crimes.”

“But I didn’t commit a crime, you stopped me!” The man countered.

“That may be true. But the reason I knew of you was because this was not your first offense. That would have been your third. I tracked you by talking with the women you raped. You are not a killer, but what you do is punishable by death.”

William pulled a blade from his boot and drew his hand back to plunge it into the man’s heart.
“…Stop!” He cried out.

“Yes. Please stop," said a voice from above spoke. William turned to find SuperDude floating behind him. “Heroes do not kill.”
William narrowed his eyes. “Who are you to judge my actions, foreigner?”

“An ally, I hope. We have heard stories of your deeds around this city and wanted to recruit you in our cause against the Harvesters.” SuperDude continued to speak clamly.

“I have not heard of these 'Harvesters.' Why should I care?”

“Because what they are planning threatens the whole world. Truth be told, there are not many heroes with the capabilities to fight them head on.”

William narrowed his eyes even further and placed a hand on the bridge of his nose and rubbed it. “If they attack the world, then they will eventually attack my beautiful city. I will help you... for a time.”

TBC in Team-Building 104: Part 4J

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