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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Intro to Education - Part 3

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I am the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I’m out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.

“There were plenty of teachers and students during the time Dark Avenger spent at the Raven Institute, and any one of them could have been enough to catch his eye and receive further training. But I really need to narrow it down somehow. According to the records, the first two years of school were mainly the four Hybrids and a school full of smart people, but it looks like in their junior year an influx of the next generation of Hybrids came to the school as freshmen.” Sapphire punched at the keys and started to peruse the transcripts in order to gain a better understanding of the school... and who the Dark Avenger had been keeping a secret from her.

Intro to Education -Part 3: Risky Business
Steve Saunders surveyed the freshman class of the Raven Institute, the Next Generation of Hybrids. He frowned. 

Joan walked up to his side and he took her hand in his and smiled again. “I think we have a good crop of people this year," she said.

“I hope so,” he responded. “It’s kind of terrible that we were the only hybrids our freshmen and sophomore years.” 

She smiled as she looked up at him; staring past the full mask he wore to hide his public identity. “We weren't alone. There were others.” 

He nodded back to her slightly. 

“I understand that you think that because we meshed as a squad perfectly and that the others didn’t do as well that we were alone, but you know this wasn’t the case right?”

 Again he nodded. “It’s just hard that we alone were the standouts.” 

Joan shrugged in response.

He turned back to the crowd and watched as a handful of the new students made movements that brought them back to his attention. 
A heavily muscled Indian was wrestling with a pale skinny Irishman, and he was losing. Steve blinked several times and the inside of his mask brought up the admission files and some of the notes that Walters had already added to them.

Ajay Harjit Sadavir “The Ever Courageous Unconquered Victor”
Country of Origin: India
Abilities: Unable to lose in hand to hand combat once the challenger has accepted, literally a two-fisted god of combat.
Hindrances: Pacifist

Angus O’Shannihan “Black Angus”
Country of Origin: Ireland
Abilities: He calls it the ‘Infliction’. He is able to shift damage that his body has sustained unto another person, effectively allowing you to beat yourself up as it were.
Hindrances: Pain junkie. Rumors of personal cutting followed him to the school.

Across the way one of the people watching was clicking, chirping and gesturing wildly. He paused and laughed for a moment before continuing on talking.

Gamba “Sonic Thunder”
Country of Origin: Zimbabwe
Abilities: Gamba is a sound generator. He can manipulate sonic tones and craft illusions and violent attacks.
Hindrances: His brain is wired in a way that will not allow him to learn any language outside of his home village. I have shifted another student into his class so that he has someone to talk to.

Steve frowned and moved his line of sight to another foreign student. He was standing on a rock and had his hands positioned on his waist in a triumphant pose. He could swear that he could see the Japanese Flag waving behind him, with waves crashing on some unseen shore, lightning crackling in the sky above him. The boy laughed at everyone who passed him by.

Keichi Takemura “Eco”
Country of Origin: Hokkaido, Japan
Abilities: Unknown at this time. Leadership skills, and upper-class learning before transferring to the Raven Institute.
Hindrances: Suffers from residual time differential, causing his words and movements to be slightly off.

An older man was hobbling around away from the crowds and his one normal hand was holding his hip. His other arm was just above the grass of the grounds. It was a massive lobster claw and the chitinous shell went up to his shoulder.

William Randall “The Claw”
Country of Origin: Britain
Abilities: Has a large lobster-like claw on his right hand/arm.
Hindrances: Suffers from Werner Syndrome.

“Seriously fellows, TRANS, LATE, and TOR like the publishing company, not TUR like turd…” He pushed the glasses back up his nose after looking down at the crowd around him. “I once talked to a lunar princess and got her phone number.” He smiled and popped his collar.

“But there’s no air in space so how did you understand it?”

“Oh, Lunar Speak is easy.”

Donald Ronald “Translator”
Country of Origin: America
Abilities: Able to translate and speak any language in existence.
Hindrances: Massive ego, does not work well with others.

A young woman rolled her eyes at the geek’s speech and popped some gum. “I’m out, dork.” She rolled off the step and fell into a hole in space/time and reappeared across the field next to a large metal man. She looked him up and down and purred. “Hey there, sexy.” Another boy's head popped up from behind the metal man.

“What?” He had smudges of dirt and clay on his arms and face. He was wearing overalls and was shirtless, his well muscled upper body on display for all to see.

Katrina Wendell “Passport”
Country of Origin: America
Abilities: Teleportation
Hindrances: ADHD, and general promiscuity 

Peter Reginald “The Sculptor” 
Country of Origin: Ukraine
Abilities: Able to manipulate any material into sculpted creations and then able animate them to fight for him, or provide protection.
Hindrances: Naïve to the real world. He gets lost in his projects.

Steve turned back to Joan and shrugged. “Well, it ought to be interesting.”

TBC in Intro to Education Part 4…

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