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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Astronomy 102 - Part 2

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I'm the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I'm out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.

SATURDAY SUPER STORIES - ASTRONOMY 102: Part 2  "Where No Man has Gone Before."

"Any clue which one of these things is coming?" She asked Walter's, looking up from the database.

"Has to be one of his Scions. Size doesn't indicate the Entity itself."

"That narrows it down...not at all..."


A'gon appeared alone in the skies above Neutron City, home of superheroes The Family and more importantly, Mr. Spectacular, Earth's mightiest hero... well, smartest at least. He drifted through the mid afternoon clouds, causing them to open and allowing the sun to break through for a moment. He surveyed the city below, twisting his grip on his axe and clenching his jaw beneath the face plate of the featureless helm that he had been cursed to wear.

He was physically the strongest of all the Scions, and his muscled frame showed it, his skin glowed slightly from the power in his veins; power gained from the God Seed buried deep within his soul. He continued to drift downwards until he was level with the 100th story of several buildings around him.

It took him several minutes to notice the human floating on a short platform in front of him. One of this planet's heroes? he thought to himself.

"I think you'll be leaving now. You are outmatched.," The man named Spectacular called out to him.

"Puny human, you cannot possibly conceive what I am capable of." A'gon flicked his axe and the wake carried across the chasm created by the skyscrapers of Neutron City. It collided with a radio tower positioned on top of one and sliced cleanly through, the metal heated to a point that it glowed red hot.  The tower dropped back into place, welded neatly. "We are precise in our methods, and you will not stop what our master has ordered of us."

He smirked. "Oh really? Give me a moment." Spectacular flicked a toggle on his wrist. He flickered for a second. "There we go. You are a Scion of The Entity. You have come to Earth to sow the seeds of Chaos to feed your master."

If A'gon had facial expressions, he would have been surprised. "How?"

"Oh, it's sad really, I just went and had a talk with 'God' and tried to stop you in Tunguska."

"What?" A'gon was taken aback.

"You see, I traveled to Tunguska to attempt to prevent you from destroying it, and then I built a ship outfitted for deep space travel and found your master near Saturn, watching the Chaos on fourteen of the moons. I was actually surprised that some of them had life that was more advanced than anything I could have predicted."

"But... I...?" A'gon growled low. "Enough of this madness!" he roared.

"What madness? I. AM. SMARTER. THAN. YOU. The second you came to Earth and I found out about you, I was better than you. You 'Scions' are a predictable sort, you come here and perform your task and then leave us. That was easy. Coming up with a way to defeat you... now that was tricky. You come from Saturn, you killed your entire family and are having an affair with your fellow Scion Spin'dell."

A'gon's grip tightened on the ax handle and he took a step forward, his massive frame shuddered with anger.

Spectacular pulled out a pistol and pointed it at A'gon's chest. "Ah ah ah, I haven't finished gloating yet."

A'gon shifted his head from side to side, the neck and spine snapping like cord wood. "I will kill you, and your pathetic Family human. I will make them suffer for this affront."

"You won't actually. Your honor forbids it. I know everything there is to know about you. I know your true name. Here on Earth, true names have power. I wonder if that is the case for your people?"

"I...yes, it is true. Who I was before I was gifted with the God Seed is lost to me. Forbidden knowledge. I am Scion now, and that is all. This is the case for all of the Scion."

"Hmm, this is news to me. Congratulations! You have surprised me." Spectacular tucked the pistol back into the sheath at his side. "You and your master are more complicated than I thought. I will allow you safe passage from my city. Do not return, or I will end you."

A'gon snorted. "You heroes don't kill. That is your weakness."

"Who said I was a hero?"

To be continued in Astronomy 102: Part 3!

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