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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team-Building 104 - Part 3H

Team Building 104 Part 3 H "Galaxy Quest: The Undiscovered Country"

Skofnung flew through the air and struck the first Harvester in the shoulder blade, it bit deep and blood fountained from the wound.   Spraying wildly and covering its allies nearby it roared.   Skofnung laughed.

"To me my blade!!"  King Hrolf Kraki shouted and the sword pulled itself free and flew back into his hand.

I AM PLEASED KING.  HE WAS DELICIOUS.  The King frowned at the sword.  How could he be so stricken with this cursed blade?  GIVE ME ANOTHER AND PERHAPS I WILL ALLOW YOU TO SHEATH ME.  It laughed again.

He surveyed the battlefield and watched the berserks and his champions fighting the alien threat.  The woman Amazona had arrived just after the initial onslaught had begun.  He had met her on a different battlefield some years before and they had grown close quickly.  But her duties to her people and his to the kingdom had pulled them apart, but she had returned to him.
WE'RE BEING SURROUNDED.  OH GOODIE!!  Skofnung pulled itself around and sliced and peeled the Harvesters as they advanced.

"Damn sword you will be the death of me one day."

SOONER THAN YOU THINK KING!  More blood erupted and the blade screamed with its mad laughter.


"I am a King.  One of several hidden Kings of Denmark who rule and war with each other and live the cycles in solitude; forever reborn throughout the ages and alone in our curse."

"The tale of King Hrolf Kraki began ages ago. While of import this is not the tale we need to revisit. During one of the many battles between the kingdoms an occurrence ripped through the field.  A third party led by a princess filed from a tear in the ether and joined the conflict.  They sided with none save their own and won the day.  This princess took her spoils in the form of slaves.  King Hrolf was one of these slaves.  He allowed this because he was curious about the situation."

"One day during his enslavement the princess took notice of him.  She found him working in the fields and saw him lift a large stone and toss it aside casually.  She asked for his company later that evening, full with intent and promises of great rewards.  He nodded his agreement and arrived at the appropriate time.  She was dressed in a loose gown that shimmered in the moonlight and a glorious necklace emblazoned the ensemble."

He smiled at her.  She then noticed the sword strapped to his waist.  She frowned and barely moved as the blade leapt free and sliced through the air, she continued to dodge and pulled a knife from a scabbard hanging from the side of her bed. 

He smiled again.  The gown parted at the straps and flowed down her bronzed skin, coming to rest at her feet; her skin untouched by the blade.  The sword clattered to the ground.  The knife followed.

"What happened next is anyone's guess."  The old tale weaver stood as the warriors around him clapped and murmured to themselves.  "We all know that the following morning came and the princess and her people were gone.  The King and his champions were free."

A young warrior stood and clasped a hand across his chest.  "Old one what was the woman’s name?"

"She was called..."  The doors slammed open and the King came in.

"To arms!!"  He rallied.  "The gods damned goblin kin and trolls have allied again and come in from the South!"

"...But?" The young warriors question was unmet.  He sighed and pulled his blade.

((Pulled from

TBC in Team Building 104 Part 3 - I

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