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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Archaeology 103 - Part 4

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I'm the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I’m out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.

SATURDAY SUPER STORIES – ARCHAEOLOGY 103: Part 4 “Prelude of the Last Days”

The tech looked up from his monitor. "Sir, do you hear a whistling sound?" Alpha looked up from his quiet reverie, and cocked his head to the side.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do." This was odd since they were four stories below ground.

"WE HAVE INCOMING!!!" The same tech screamed as the roof caved in with a gigantic explosion. Fire and shrapnel ripped through the main computer room, sparks shot from the various devices stored in and around the main hub, smoke began to billow and swirl around.

Alpha stood as the last pieces settled on the ground, he surveyed the area and found his entire technical staff dead, 90% of the machines inoperable and a large ship punched through with its engines winding down. Across the bow, the paint badly damaged: HelixONE.


Sapphire stood atop the skyscraper that sat across from the secret underground bunker that housed the Omega Sanction. She held a massive stone head, the words GAME ON scratched across the forehead. She lofted it above her head and just as she was about throw it down into the complex the sky ripped open and a ship shot through the vortex and punched into the trees and soil below, carving a swath of destruction.

"Huh, how's about that?" She said to herself. She set the head down and leapt from the rooftop and fell to the earth. She walked to the hole in the ground just as smoke began to pour up from below. She edged to it cautiously and peered inside, the ship taking up all of the space except for the bits that allowed the smoke through.

She watched as the fires in the engines sputtered one last time and began to cool. 'How in the hell do I get such luck?' She thought.


Meanwhile at the Department of Superhuman Affairs...


"Honey, please calm down." Alex rested a hand on her shoulder. "It can't possibly be that bad." Alarm klaxxons screamed and wailed around them.

"You're goddamn right it can and will be that bad." Her face was a mask of anger and terror. "I truly hope that our lovely daughter isn't somehow involved in this somehow."


Alpha sighed and strode to the hatch of the ship. He reached out and grasped it by the hinges and wrenched as hard as he could, the metal cooled, cracked and then shattered under the pure PSI of his grasp.

"I know that you're in there. Please exit the ship quickly." He called into the opening, his voiced echoed back to him.

"I'm coming! I'm alone, and I'm coming out." A massive pile of rocks shifted into position in front of the door, started to climb out, then collapsed. "I think something went wrong." It mumbled.

"No shit," One of the technical staff whispered.

"Grab that...whatever it is and bring it to the Gamma Lab. Send two teams to search the rest of the ship." Alpha walked away before his anger destroyed the creature and before he got some answers.


Reader watched from one of the still working monitors. Robert had saved them for a few minutes at least. "I don't know what to do." His wife hissed at his side. "I can't stop glowing." He shot a harsh look over his shoulder at her.

"Be quiet. I'm thinking," He whispered.

"Don't do that, this is affecting all of us," she retorted. "You aren't alone here."

"Yes, DEAR." He replied. "But unless you have a plan in that glowing bosom of yours I suggest you be quiet." Her mouth opened and closed but she remained silent.


Sapphire poured her energy into the surface and cooled then super cooled it, the surface and deeper. Her eyes were forced shut and she could feel her fingers burning from the extreme cold, but she pushed herself forward. Finally the cold felled the outer wall of the Omega Sanction.

She stood, cocked a hand back, boosted her strength to its maximum and punched.


The entire ship shuddered as the zone next to it exploded in a million shards of icey death, flying into the corridors and wrecking havoc.

"I think perhaps, things outside have gotten worse," Reader spoke, "We need to move now, before something even worse happens." He grabbed his wife's glowing hand and motioned for the super-heated Jordana to follow them. He led them up the length of the ship and towards the landing gear compartments.

Outside the gear's hatch in an adjacent hallway two of the Omega Sanction employee's were working on cutting into the ship from below, and were taken completely by surprise when the outside of the hull exploded outward in super-heated metal. Their deaths were instantaneous.

Reader dropped out and then helped Jordana and Sadie down in turn. She gasped at the melting, burning corpses, and then began to cry. Reader's eyes narrowed. "We don't have time for this, we need to find Robert and escape from wherever we have landed, without 'starting shit' as Black put it."

"I think we're too late for that," Sadie responded.

He smirked, "You may be right, dear." He began to move.


Sapphire dropped into the control center. The alarms sounded in sporadic bursts as the power surged and different sections tried to compensate for all the damage the facility had sustained so far. She smiled. "Gonna get a shitload worse before it gets better." She began her assault, incapacitating everyone she came across.

Deeper in the facility Alpha stopped and turned back the way he had come. "She's here?" He grinned maliciously and ran back towards his opponent.

They both ran as fast as they could towards one another, each wishing to gain the first blow, for in that one moment victory could be determined.

They struck, the walls buckled from the force of impact, and thus this clash of titans started.


"I have no idea what is going on but we need to find Robert and exit as soon as we can." The floor shuddered as Sapphire and Alpha began their battle.

"These tubes..." Sadie pointed as the battle shook them violently in their housings. "There's people inside of them." From behind the glass a woman in the nearest tube stared at them, her cheek crossed in a scar. "I think she's awake."

"It doesn't matter. Let's move." Reader pulled at her and they continued deeper.

Back in the fray...

"You cannot hope to stop m,e Mercedes. I am the superior fighter, and my abilities outclass yours in every way."

She snorted. "Abilities..." She pulled a gun from her back and shot him point blank in the chest. "I cheat, asshole."

His hand went to the wound and came away bloody. "You really think this will kill me?"

She shook her head. "No, you dickhead. I just stripped away your abilities. Welcome back to humanity." She leapt into the air and scissor-kicked him into a wall. "Jackass." She turned as he drifted into unconsciousness and headed back towards the ship.

The surface...

The Agents stood around the wound in the Earth, weapons at the ready. Just as Reader and his people breached the surface nearby, the Agents pivoted on the new opponents. Reader stared back at them.
"We Come in Peace?"

TBC in Stand Alone 4

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