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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Archaeology 103 - Part 1

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I'm the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I’m out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.

“My father is here…a version of my Father is here on this world. I am overjoyed and at the same time worried about this fact. A few months ago I looked into finding my Mother and did in fact locate her. She is very young... I am not even sure she is in school yet.” Sapphire looked up from the monitor and paused the video blog entry. “I don’t know what to do.” She held her head in her hands and started to cry, her mind going back to the events that had brought her to this Earth, the Super U-niverse.

SATURDAY SUPER STORIES – ARCHEOLOGY 103: Part 1 “In the Beginning…”

Deep within the Omega Sanction.

Alpha strode along the banks of the Gamma and Delta corridors. The walls were filled with computers displaying varying degrees of information, from blood pressure to beats per second. He stopped in front a tube 616, the unconscious naked female form floating within staring blankly ahead. Beneath his mask he pondered her recent battle with the one called Black Sapphire. She had scarred her badly and left her to be recovered by the authorities, but wounded as she was, she managed to wake up and hide herself away until the Sanction could retrieve her. That had been several days ago, and her recovery was coming along nicely.

"Crystal can you hear me?" He spoke into a microphone built within the mask, the data fed into the fluid holding her aloft. She blinked several times and focused on the blurry form before her. She nodded.

"Excellent. I believe it is time for you to upgrade to Epsilon status. This will hurt a lot." A flicker of fear passed over her features and she nodded. "We will begin immediately." He pressed a button and the fluid pulsed and an orange line was pumped in. She began to scream.


Mercedes stretched and yawned. “Another day of the wonderful world of school, followed by hardcore training and then patrol.” She said to herself. She yawned again and headed for the shower.


Reflex stood on the rooftop watching the one called Black Sapphire run across a lower set of roofs. She weaved in and out of the chimney stacks and television antennas. She grabbed a low hanging wire and hopped over the side, using it to change her trajectory. She dropped the 7 stories to the ground, landing just behind the startled purse-snatcher she had been chasing.

"Target located, commencing scan and power readings."

"Affirmative." His ear piece went quiet and he could feel the connections being made in his cybernetic arm, and the scan started. The secondary relay in the snatcher would gauge her output and feed the information directly to Alpha as per his request.

She attacked and the snatcher defended himself admirably, but in the end he was defeated, the purse returned and the snatcher 'arrested' by some of the Sanction's operatives within the city.

Within hours they had their first partial read on Black Sapphire, and the first steps towards her destruction began.


The huge fist slammed into her mid-section and pulled her from her feet, lifting her and slamming her away. Sparks shot from her belt as the inertial compensator fried itself out.

'Definitely can’t take another hit like that.' She thought. She looked back at what had hit her as she sailed through the air. One of the new Thrash units had been deployed to eliminate her, three more stood at the ready behind the first. This was a fight she wasn’t meant to walk away from.

She impacted with building, her basic armor absorbing most of the force, rubble and silt drifting down around her. She slid slowly away and fell to the ground. She looked up at the monster lumbering towards her, its 6 arms flexing and making fists. 'They don’t seem stupid and are pretty slow and stronger than shit. Running away seems like an appropriate option.' She nodded to herself.

Pulling a canister from her back she threw it to the ground, and stood. The creature paused for a moment and glanced at it. The top popped and then exploded, smoke erupting into the air obscuring her, it roared in defiance. She shot her grapple line up and ascended to the rooftop behind her as the canister exploded, shooting dozens of nails and poisons at the area around it. She looked back down to see if she had dropped the monster and found that more a half dozen nails had struck it in the arms, chest and waist. It looked slowly from side to side and then plucked them out one by one, dropping them to the ground.

One of the 3 remaining in the rear took a step forward and dropped to one knee and leaned forward, several hisses erupted and smoke rose from its back, then it opened revealing a small person inside, he stretched then looked around.

"This is Operator Spas2, subject has escaped. I have ordered clean up at this location. Target a satellite and attempt to reposition on her location using power signature." He paused and listened with an ear cocked to one side. "What do you mean signature is inactive? Okay calm down, notify Alpha and relay the information. Operator Spas2 out." He slide forward and the back closed up.

A black van pulled up and several construction workers exited moving to clean up the evidence of the battle. She fell back behind the edge of the roof. That was the second time being able to turn off her abilities had come in handy. Dune would be proud. She moved slowly and began to leave the area for home.

Meanwhile in the Omega Sanction…

"Alpha sir, Spas2 did exactly as instructed, he allowed her to escape and made the weakness of the Thrash units known, and dropped your name. If I may sir how did you know she wouldnt leave the location?" The tech asked.

"Because Black Sapphire is like a cat, and all cats are curious unto death."

"Have you made your assessment, Dr. Gennon?" Alpha sat down, one hand stroking his chin as he mused over the Doctor's findings.

"She is an anarchist, true to form. Her base line goals are to please her parents or some form of mentor that has replaced them, therefore she overcompensates when in action. Doing the most extreme actions instead of subtle maneuverings, which in our case is beneficial to the cause." He pushed his glasses back up to the bridge of his nose and turned the page. "Due to the conflicting natures of her base powers, fire and ice, her mood also determines her weakness, which can be altered on a base scale. I have found she is more than susceptible to mind control, as she has no defense against such an attack, and with there being little to no known telepaths or hypnotists she has no concerns," Gennon read from the file.

He continued, "She is not against fleeing if the situation demands it, and not above trying to negotiate with her foes to avoid combat, but once her mind has slipped into combat mode, she is, for lack of a better term, a machine."

"I see. How does all of this benefit the cause?" Alpha questioned.

"Well she can be pushed to achieving our goals for us, as she has credibility with the community and most of them would look the other way. The local and federal law enforcement agencies just do not have the manpower or resources to confront her even if they did suspect anything. Finally her skills would be an asset if she could be persuaded from her present course." Gennon responded.

"You think so?"

"I know so. She has already performed admirably in the field."
Alpha raised an eyebrow.
"I took control of her 35 minutes ago." Gennon smirked.

TBC in Archaeolgy 103: Part 2

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