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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Super Stories - Mythology 109 Part 2

This tale was timed to be placed with a strip that has been cut until Chapter 3, so remember this tale in the future!!

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I am the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I’m out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.

“When am I?”  Black Sapphire asked herself in the void that was her unconscious mind.  Her waking mind had been jumping back and forth between the present and her past training with Mr. Walters the former Dark Avenger when she had collapsed in the Hollow City, the third of the trinities holy places.

Sapphires eyes snapped open and she found herself staring at the wizened aged face of a filthy woman who smiled down at her.  “What?”  She explained before passing out once again.  Wynn sighed and took another sip from the tea he had be given to assist with the anxiety he had been feeling since they had arrived here as had been prophesied by his mystic tattoo’s.

“You were saying?”  Wynn prodded at his host.

“She is suffering from post traumatic temporal dysplasia, her body and mind are fighting one another and attempting to come to grips with the reality she now finds herself in.  She comes from another world as do you, together you are bound to one another as you rush towards your destiny.”

Wynn sighed again and took another sip.  “But we aren't from the same universe and why aren't I suffering from this affliction?”

“You are far more in tune with the universe than she is,” she rested a hand on Sapphire’s breast and it began to glow softly.  “She comes of fire and ice, a raging battle between two vastly different personality types and underneath those emotions lay endless movement, her bane and true source of power.  She is restless and seeks to cure a man than cannot be cured for the person he once was no longer exists and she troubles her as her mind and soul grow to understand the futility of her quest.”

Wynn set the glass down and looked up at the glass ceiling that filled the entirety of the shacks roof taking in the Orrery that filled the air above them in the center of the Hollow City.  He exhaled a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding in.  “That thing up there is a representation of this universe?”

She nodded.  “The two primes sit at the center of all, and the shadows and echoes of the other universes rotate around them, the walls grow thin in places and events and things bleed through.  Our world should not be, and Those Who Came Before should have left this universe dead as had been intended by the Man in White and his Black Room.”  Wynn’s head whipped around.

“You’re talking about the void, why is…how the conversation switched to…” Wynn’s eyes drooped and he fell into the table and knocked the tea over as he slammed into it and then the ground.

“Outworlders are always the same,” she muttered to herself as she straightened and began to change into her true self, “Always taking for granted that which always comes with a price never realizing the price is their soul.”  She leaned over and ripped open Wynn’s shirt and saw the prophecy written beneath, he lay on a table beneath multiple earths and his heart had been ripped from his chest by a woman in white in a black room.  She smiled at the truth written on his skin.

Mythology 109 - Part 2 “Legendary Journeys”

He slammed his flagon down on the table top and foam sloshed over the side and he wept.  “I had armies once, vast warriors and champions and OH MY BERSERKERS!!”  He wailed.

“You do realize I have no idea what you’re going on about right?”  She spoke slowly to the drunken Hrolf.

“There was a battle many years ago, we had been celebrating the deaths of the last of the dragon wings and then they showed up, those three!!”  He clenched a fist and thrust it upwards and lightning crackled outside as his mind drifted back to the battle.


King Hrolf Kraki wielded Skofnung and twirled it around his palm and wrist and he walked towards the three invaders that had summoned him and his warriors.  A light rain had begun and the sky grew darker as his mood soured, the celebration had been stopped because of this interference.

“I do not know who you are, or why you have come to this place, but you have entered the kingdom of King Kraki and we are the defenders of this realm.”  The lead male thrust out a finger and lightning crackled behind him, illuminating the trio.  His words were lost in the crack of thunder.  The man next to him laughed and rested his hands on his hips, and a young woman seemed to float slightly behind the pair.

“I did not hear a word you said,” King Hrolf said.  The man once again thrust a finger out and screamed as a second bolt leapt from the heavens and interrupted his speech.  The King sighed and his warriors rushed forward, followed by his champions and the berserkers brought up the rear.  He urged his horse forward and bellowed commands and watched over the course of several hours as his people were slaughtered by the trio that would not die.


Hrolf finished the tale and Amazona patted him on the back and paused in her consoling.  “Wait…three immortals?”

TBC in Mythology 109 Part 3


  1. Works just as well, strip or no! Loved the mysterious old crone's description of Sapphire's inner struggle. Good stuff.
    And yay, foreshadowing!

  2. Ok. Am I the only one grossed out by Wynn's missing heart? Those are usually required chest-pieces for the walking-around types. Huh?