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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Super Stories - Mythology 109 Part 3

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I am the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I’m out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.

“Where am I?”  Wynn asked as the drugged tea wore off.

“Still inside the Hollow City darling,” the woman in white responded.  You are about to become the most important creature in the whole universe, it really is too bad that the Cascade was sealed so long ago or the sickness could spread into the multi-verse.”

“You’re crazy!”  Wynn managed to raise his voice as he began to take notice of the area he was being held captive in.  She smiled at him.

“I prefer to think of myself as uniquely enlightened.  The Hollow City isn’t reality its actuality, nestled inside the astral plane in the cleft created by the hollows of Love and Hate, and as they burn with the power of Sham’bala and Carcass I rest here, in the Hollow City waiting, biding my time until the host arrives and unlocks the Black Room.”  She turned to watch his eyes with her head cocked to the side, the look was unnerving.  “Everything you see in the Hollow City was once the city of Pompeii; I almost gained me freedom that day, but only managed to supplant an echo of the city on the face of the Black Room.”

“But you are alone here.”  She tsked at him and then pointed right at his heart. Wynn’s eyes widened slightly and she smiled in response.  “Fuck we walked right into this.”

“You are the perfect host for this universe you are immortal and will be able to contain the void.”

“I’m not an immortal but my father was it didn’t pass on to me.  I just age well, I might look like I am in my twenties, but I’m only 33.”  Her head straightened and she frowned.

“You are the host, this I know, but not the perfect host.”  She turned and the topic of discussion completely switched, “They were always focused on the numbers you see, three proctors, two brothers, and one king to watch over their prisons, the homes of the worst of the worst of all villainy.”  The woman in white spoke to Wynn quietly as the orrery spun overhead.

“There were four people watching the Dark City.”  He mumbled in return.

She smiled at him, “Only two that mattered, the oldest brothers, the other two were incidental, and only managed to hold back the dark for so long.  Already he stirs.”  Wynn frowned at her.  “Oh it’s not an immediate problem, he ate one of his two guardians and unless the other dies it will take him centuries to gain enough power to break free.”  She drew a long blade carved of the stone of the Hollow City and ran it lightly over his chest.  “Whereas I will be gaining my freedom eminently by tearing your heart from the chest cavity and eating it in front of you as the orrery predicts the next conjunction of dimensions and my window to slip free of my shackles and bring about the white once again.  I did try so very, very hard before to wipe this universe clean.”

Wynn laughed, “Didn’t take though…”

“BECAUSE THEY INTERFERED WITH THE GRAND DESIGN!”  She screamed as she plunged the blade into his chest and began to carve.

Mythology 109 - Part 3 “The Warrior Princess”

“My mother Penthesilea was an immortal warrior queen from another world, exiled to the Earth many eons ago by noble blood.  She had made the best of this new world and this new life, but the field of battle was something that she loved with all her heart and without that rush of fist against flesh or blade against blade she was lost in the wilderness of life.”  Amazona spoke to Hrolf after he finished his tale.

“So she raised her daughter to be the greatest warrior princess ever to walk the face of the Earth.  Penthesilea was disheartened by what was coming; she could feel that the Queen was coming for her, a gloom that overtook her normally cheerful personality.”

“It was within a day when the Queen arrived and the visit was late at night, Penthesilea did not go without a fight however and the struggle was brief and ended quietly, a small puncture wound in her abdomen was the only clue to her true fate,” Amazona sighed, “They say the curse took her and in a way it was a curse one that I will never fully understand.”

“Her daughter Daphne grew up and led her people to the best of her ability, they raided the lands of Earth without compare, until she met her king.  Their romance did not last long but ended splendidly,” she smiled at him then and took his hand in hers.  “Then came the Culling, the three immortals came and decimated my people leaving only a handful alive, those born on Earth and therefore low bloods, on her mothers homeworld the low bloods were charged with mining the mineral of the immortals, but on Earth there was no such task to be handled and so they were left alone.”

“I have heard only rumors of one of the killers in the America’s but every lead have come up short, some day I will find them and drive them into the ground.”

TBC in Mythology 109 Part 4

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