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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Super Stories - Mythology 109 Part 1

My name is Mercedes Whitman and I'm a hero on a foreign world. I am the daughter of two heroes, and was trapped on this Earth during an Event that sealed the way back home forever. They call me Black Sapphire when I’m out patrolling, and these are my Blogs.

Sapphire and Wynn tumbled through the abyss of time and space and fell for a long time, she was sure she was screaming but no sound escaped her lips.  But before she could register the change she was out and slamming into the ground from a great height and Wynn followed her by landing on her ass.

“Sorry,” he mumbled as he pulled himself free.  She pushed up from the ground and brushed herself as she began to take in her surroundings.  They were in a vast cavern surrounded by short buildings, none higher than two stories, and none of them had any windows.  Wynn pointed above them and there were more on the walls and ceiling.  Sapphire frowned and attempted to get the scope of this city and found her mind couldn't comprehend it, so she narrowed her field of vision to what was directly in front of her.

“There has to be someone here that has answers.”  She pointed to a random road and began walking.

* * * * *

Walters knelt down until her upside down face was equal to his.  “So you were telling me about this place?”  Sapphire shook her head a moment confused.

“How did I get here?”  She asked.

“That’s always a good question.”  The line holding her dropped a few inches closer to the vast of chemicals brewing underneath her.  “Now continue with your story.”

* * * * *

Sapphire stumbled one step and she grabbed a wall for support, it was warm to the touch.  “Are you okay?”  Wynn asked from behind her.  She shook her head, and took a few deep breathes before pushing back off of the wall.

“Something is messing with my head,” she looked around to make sure she was still within the odd city.  “I thought I was somewhere else for a minute.  Let’s go it must be side effects of the trip to get here or something.”  Together they moved through the empty streets looking for some kind of life or clue as to where they had ended up.  There answers came in the form of a small building with smoke pluming from its chimney.

“Well there

* * * * *

we go, finally… what?”  Walters landed a solid punch on the bridge of her nose and knocked her down.

“Pay attention kid or this training isn't going to help you any.”  He whipped his leg around and she managed to block it at the last second and he continued to spin and landed a foot into her midsection, she grunted and he headbutted her completely to the floor.

She shook her head, “Something

* * * * *

isn't right here…balls…”  Wynn looked back at her a look of concern of his face.  “It’s getting worse.”  Sapphire collapsed in a heap on the road, Wynn rushed to her side as the door to the shack opened and the occupant exited.

“Welcome to the Hollow City Wynn Hunter, please pick up Mercedes and bring her along.  We have much to discuss.”

Mythology 109 - Part 1 “Odyssey”

“I travel from place to place fighting evil where I can find it.  But in truth I am searching for my family, we have been displaced all around the world over the years.”  Damien Lockheart spoke to the tape recorder sitting in front of him.  He looked the young journalist in the eye as he spoke.   She smiled at him and nodded for him to continue.  “I didn't start out in life as much, and had no aspirations to be anything greater than the lush I had become over the long years of hanging out with my degenerate friends.  I had hit ‘rock bottom’ as they say and it took the loss of a dear friend of my brothers and then my brother for me to wake up and try and get my life back together.  But in truth the disease was always there just waiting to wake up again and it took me being buried alive to finally break free of its curse and on that day I was reborn and Damien Lockheart occult detective walked into the world.”  He smiled inwardly as his personal joke.  He wasn't lying to the reporter, just skewing the facts into something she could print.

“So you are a recovering alcoholic and a master of occult knowledge who works with the police and local government bodies to try and gain leads on the whereabouts of your brother, mother and your brothers’ best friend?”  She prodded.

He nodded back at her.  “That is the truth of it.”

“So how did I come about this?”  She reached under the desk and pulled out a journal, his journal that had been lost several years ago in the wastes of Africa.

“I lost it a long time ago when I was in Africa dealing with a zombie outbreak, not disease zombies mind you, but the good old fashioned demons infesting the bodies of the recently deceased zombies, much harder to kill, and some of the fresher ones can run, devilishly a pain in the ass in you don’t mind my French.”

She rolled her eyes.  “My cousins and I were in the region at the same time as you and managed to seal away the Black Idol of Calabash'zt, the source of the demonic incursion.  We had actually been wondering who had cleared most of the infestation before we managed to seal it.  I found the journal in some ruins that were filled with bodies.”

“Ah the siege zone, I was held up there for almost two whole days.  That’s the problem with zombies day or night they just don’t stop trying to kill you.”  Damien took a sip of the tea she had bought him, and then ate a handful of the fries next to the last few bites of an overcooked burger.  “So you’re the younger cousin of Barnabus Alexander?”  She nodded.

“Jasmine Bethany Caulders, the information and research member of the Adventurers of the Undiscovered.  Barnabus leads us into such strange and wonderful places, just last year we found an Amazonian colony hidden in the depths of…wait I shouldn't tell you that.  Wonderful woman, deadly fighters, strange gods though, Barnabus has taken to worshiping a rabbit or hare god now.  Happy that he found religion, but weird-ed out slightly by the amount of brown hares he has bought for around the house.”  Damien shook his head.

“So if there’s anything else?”  He inquired.  She shook her head back at him and passed the journal back over.  He held up a hand, “Keep it, maybe it will make a great book someday.”  She smiled and tucked the book back into her satchel.

“There was one final thing I wanted to mention though, off the record,” she clicked the recorder off, “Through our travels we've come across several different mentions in various cultures of the Hollow City and an immortal that lives there.  Other than that we have nothing but I felt that information might be of use to you somehow, since in your journal you reference immortality several times as potential leads for your family.”

“The Hollow City eh…”

TBC in Mythology 109 Part 2