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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Super Stories - Skulduggery Part 2

"Malefactor, Reprobate, Charlatan, Neerdowell, or Gentlemen Thief, names associated with villainy.  I pull from the universe tales of Larceny and Legerdemain focusing on the evil that fills the world."  The Nameless.

Saturday Super Stories – Skulduggery 110 Part 2

Darion stepped from the portal, unsure of the year but knew it was the distant past at least several decades removed from his future.  He followed what was traditionally the time traveler’s friend, looking for a newspaper, something with the date on it.

Monday August 26th 2233

The Future of Science is Now!!

Super Scientist Dr. Kristoff Eston unveils project to fix Earth’s atmosphere and energy problems.

    Today Dr. Eston will unveil his project at the Grand Convention Hall in downtown Megalopolis Superplex.

Darion smiled, “Seems that I made a grand decision after all.”  He waved a hand to hail a cab.


“I am Dr. Kristoff Nathanial Eston the IV, Quantum Engineer.”  He smiled wide at the assembled crowd gathered in the auditorium.  “I am here today to unveil my newest breakthrough in science and fundamentally change how we view the worlds.”

“I have developed 5 of what I am calling the EON Links, referred to in my notes as L, R, S, H, and P.  Only three made it to the final stages of testing as P and R had an encounter and it obliterated them at a molecular level.”

“What do they do?”

“They are Quantum Entanglement Devices able to pull at the strings of reality and re-write it as they see fit.”  Kristoff waved a hand and the EON Links drifted from the table and floating in the air behind his head.  “Take these flowers for instance.”  One Link peeled away from the group and scanned the flowers and a beam washed over them and suddenly they were a pizza, steaming from the heat of being cooked.  Scattered clapping sounded through the hall, and some murmurs.

“Organic or in-organic it doesn’t matter I can rearrange the matter however I see fit.”

“So potentially they could be used to turn water into something terrible, like biological or nuclear weapons?”

“Um, yes of course they could be used that way.”

“Then why create something that could destroy the world?”

“Because that’s what I want to do.”  The crowd’s stunned silence spoke volumes.  “I plan on taking over the world and with these none of you can stop me.”

One person began to clap at the far end of the room and with the deafening silence it echoed and carried to everyone present.

“Bravo!!”  Darion Gray called to Kristoff, “Quite the flair for the dramatic if I do say so myself.”  Kristoff cocked his head to the side to take the newcomer in.

“You have a name sir?”  He asked.

Darion bowed with a flourish, “Darion Gray, futurist and man of mystery!”  He shouted with a wiggle of his eyebrows.  Kristoff narrowed his eyes at the stranger.  “I have come backwards in time searching for a cure to my condition and I hope that your ability to re-arrange the molecular can assist me in this.”

The calm back and forth between the two men finally made one woman in the audience break and she screamed and started to run away and the crowd exploded into movement and followed suit.  In moments the convention hall was empty except the two men staring at each other.

“Do you think I am insane?”  Kristoff asked.

“Slightly, you did create devices that could unravel reality itself, and then announced it to the world.  When I come from we have people that don’t take kindly to those sorts of threats and take it upon themselves to deal with it.”

“We have those people too; the remnants of the Spider Legion and the legacies that have managed to elude the authorities since the Purge in 2200.  I don’t know how far forward you have come from but here they aren’t exactly a problem.  I can and will take what I want.”  Kristoff stepped away from the podium and stepped closer to Darion who was smiling wide.  “What’s so funny?”

“I remember this moment from the archives on the net.  This is the moment that the world realizes it needs its heroes, someone to stand against the darkness, because without the light the shadows will take over.”

“What are you going on about?”  Kristoff demanded.  Darion pointed at the camera’s which were still transmitting the whole scene.  “HELLS!!”  He screamed.

“You could come with me and we could leave this time, I have an escape planned, but you will never be able to return here, ever.”  Darion smirked as the sounds of engines roared closer from above. “Decide quickly, you may be overwhelmed by the force they send against you.”  Kristoff clenched and unclenched his hands and screamed.

“Fine, let us away.”

TBC in Skulduggery Part 3

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