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Monday, December 16, 2013

Saturday Super Stories - The Event 4 D

This is late as hell.  I have had crazy writers block for a few months, and decided to tweak an old RPG fight for this entry.  Originally it was a WonderWoman vs WonderWoman battle and now its basically the same thing with a vastly different ending.

"I have pulled from The Knowledge tales from the Event that ravaged two universes.  I start at the beginning and will tell the important parts, and while there are many stories to be told, this will be quick."  Chief Archivist of the Catalogers.

“Many things have been culled from this universe, many lives lost, some heroically, some fruitlessly, but everything and everyone met has had an impact.  Some people and places are the same regardless of the world on which it lay, it spreads like an infection.”

“A smart man once said ‘There is more than one of everything.”

The Event 4 - Dopplegang’land D “Amazona Versus Isabella, the Warchild”

Isabella took another deep breath and slowly exhaled sending the tension out with it.  She could do this and do it well.  She would honor her mother and her people.  Isabella walked out of the back room and onto the stage, stopping before the podium.  Her steps were sure and her body language told of a confidence and nobility that she should not have.  

Isabella stepped up to the podium and looked around the chamber.  There were so many different faces but each one had two eyes that were focused on her.  She didn't know what they thought of her or what each one was inclined to think but she would, given enough time.

"Ladies and Gentlemen it is an honor to stand before you as my mother once did.  I have earned the right to stand before you and bring with me this warning. Your world has attacked mine and today we come to exact vengeance upon your people.  I look forward to... " Isabella was interrupted by the door suddenly exploding open.

The sound of splintering wood echoed off the high ceiling of the United Nations.  Isabella and the rest gathered before her gaped at who stood before them.

"Daphne?" One of the reporters near the exit said.  He pushed his glasses back and stared at her.

Another said, "Are you here to save us?”

Isabella hands balled up into fists, knuckles turning white.  The fact that she would make an appearance before she finished her speech was something Isabella could never forgive.  

"I don't know who you are.  But for starters you lack the grace and nobility to carry yourself within my presence.  Now get out, you have no right to be here."

"But you see young woman, I am Daphne, I am Amazona, and it is you who are the impostor.  You’re not even a real Amazon."

"Yeah well if you look at it that way, neither are you.  Maybe you can fool everybody else but you can't fool me," Isabella replied.

She continued to stare hard at Isabella, "I don’t care, I am the true amazon, and you cannot claim to have defeated all until you have defeated me."

She moved very fast, at almost Blrrr speeds, its fortunate that she was moving in a straight line, she slammed into Isabella with a force at least twice that of Aeons and they both smashed through the wall behind Isabella, carried through the room and the backstage area behind.  Smoke and dust fill the air and as she walked out of it, Isabella lay in the street, She smirked, "I have the will, I have the power, you are nothing but a fly that needs to be squashed."

Isabella mentally disciplined herself for being distracted by her 'mother’s' face.  She should of had the shield around in time to absorb some of the impact.  She climbed to her feet and used the back of her hand to wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth.  

Isabella reached next to her and pulled a parking meter out of the ground with her free hand.  She rushed Daphne using her own quickness to close the distance.  Isabella brought her shield up to block while she attempted to bring the parking meter down across Amazona's face.

The meter impacted with Daphne’s face, shattering on impact, the change flying up blocking Isabella’s view for a moment, she steals herself for an attack that doesn’t come.  Wary she takes a step backwards, as blood pours from a wound on Daphne’s face where a shard of metal punctured into her cheekbone.  She pulls her hand from her face and in a microsecond is on Isabella.

Isabella feels the impact, sees the rushing world, and then sound catches up and she hears the snap of bone.  She had managed to get the shield up but her arm wasn’t strong enough to take the hit, she continues to fly backwards slamming into building after building until she stops several blocks away from where the battle started.

Isabella shook her head to clear the fog and to ignore the pain.  Off to one side of her vision the world seemed to ripple and pulse.  She held her hand over her eye and thinks hard on a plan of action, Daphne seemed to not be holding back.

"Hey, you know you’re a hard person to track down."  Isabella looked up from her thoughts and the Paragon stood before her holding a package wrapped in silk.

Isabella held her broken arm close to her body.  She rose to her feet on shaky legs and looked for Daphne before addressing the Paragon.  "It's good to see you but as you can tell I'm in the middle of getting my ass kicked by somebody who isn't my mother."

She noticed that the world seemed to be frozen, the dust and debris in the air is still, and hovering in space, she cannot see Daphne through the haze, but assumed she is on the way.

"I see, well I come bearing gifts, it seems that it would have been more prudent to arrive earlier but alas you’re a hard person to find."  He holds out the package, Isabella took it with her good arm and pulled the string with her teeth, grunting through the pain as the silk slide away revealing another item made from the same material as the shield.  A bracer gauntlet, she could see where the shield snapped into place, the carvings were exquisite.  It was too bad that her arm was broken.

"You know this is cheating if you’re in a fight."  He held his hand out and her arm snapped back into place, the wound and pain gone as if it never happened.  She didn’t know what to say, but she dropped the shield and put the Bracer on, and it glided over her skin and was cool to the touch.  She snapped the shield into place and the weapon felt complete.  She knew that it had another feature now, one that should give her an advantage, she turned to thank the Paragon but he was gone and time was starting again.

Daphne flew at her moving close to Mach 1.

Isabella was glad to have both hands free.  She only had a moment to act and she needed to make this good.  She would only have this one chance.  This was the fight of her life and her chances of winning were slim.  Yet she would fight and count on those slim odds.  

As Daphne streaked toward her, Isabella activated the shields new feature.  Several long golden strands with an arrowhead styled tip extended from the edge of the shield.  The strands spun rapidly, around the shield, and the strands braided themselves into a rope that was hard to tell it was ever several strands to begin with.  Isabella used her right hand to guide the rope in an attempt to bind Daphne.

She looped the lasso around Daphne’s neck and used her momentum to put herself in a spin, around and around they went, Daphne at first flying then being spun by Isabella.  Isabella tightened the spin and with one full strength pull drove all of the speed and force into the street outside, the city shook from the impact, glass broke and rained down from the buildings above. 

People cried out and dove for cover.  More dust and debris filled the air, Isabella stood glad that her plan had worked so far, she breathed heavy, and the exertion of what she had just done started to catch up with her.  She started towards the crater, when the first hand hit its lip.

Daphne pulled herself from the wreckage, blood freely poured from the jagged wound on her face, it ran down her face onto her bodice, when she impacted the metal had torn itself down and free of her face, she would be scarred forever.

       *    *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *    *     *

Meanwhile in the Megolopolis SPIRaL holding cells...

John Phoenix sat quietly listening to the radio at the cop station.  It seems Isabella was fighting her ‘mother’, and she was destroying massive amounts of property.  But he could feel deep within his Immortal soul that the false goddess would fall and be destroyed, for that was inevitable.  He smiled and continued to listen intensely.

       *    *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *    *     *

They traded blows each following with another as quickly as was possible.  Daphne was still entangled in the lasso, but used it to keep Isabella in place.  They were both getting weaker, but Daphne still had more strength than her, she needed a plan and quickly or she would fall to this false princess.

Isabella staggered as another punch landed on her jaw.  Her limbs were heavy and her lungs burned for more air than she could give at this time.  Still as long as she was conscious she would fight.  This abomination would not be allowed to soil her 'mother’s' name.  Not as long as she lived.  With renewed determination Isabella grabbed the end of the lasso and jumped into the air.  Her body twisted in the air and Daphne wrapped the lasso around her arm removing any slack.  She lashed out with her foot at Daphne's back as she pulled the lasso as hard as she could.

She twisted and planted her foot firmly into Daphne’s spine, the muscle gave way and she grunted in pain.  Just as the foot connected, Daphne pulled with her wrapped arm and flipped Isabella back around to the front and slammed her into the already destroyed street.  Another cloud of dust and debris leaped into the air.

She had two breaths before the battle once again raged.  Daphne pulled the lasso again and kicked Isabella in the side driving her away as she spun out of the grapple.  Isabella flew across the street and slammed into a light post, it bent under the impact.  She heard the low whistling then, she looked up and watched as rubble started falling back to Earth, shards of rock came out of the sky like bullets, punching through the street and putting holes in cars and trucks parked or abandoned because of the fight.

She looked at the few people still on the street.

Blood filled her mouth and Isabella spat it onto the street.  Her body was bruised, battered, and broken in a few places but Isabella didn't feel any of it.  Her focus was on  Daphne to such a degree that the status of her own body became secondary.  Isabella narrowed her eyes and ran at Amazona.  She led with her shield, attempting to clip Daphne in the face with the edge.  Except it was a feint. 

She drove the shield up and over, dropping below it, underneath the line of sight, she scissored her legs between Daphne’s and kicked them out from underneath her.  She flew back and hit the ground hard, several shards hit the ground around her and Isabella heard the first of the screams.  She glanced quickly and saw a mother protecting her baby, blood pouring out of her leg, it looked like she had been shot.  She shielded her child and tried to pull herself into a doorway nearby.

Isabella turned away from Daphne and flew towards the woman.  She grabbed her, making sure the child was secure as well.  Isabella flew the woman to safety leaving her with people on the street that could help her.  Only when they were safe did she fly back to look for Daphne.

She stood in the crater; dust billowing in the air, the sun broke through the slight clouds overhead bathing the street in a harsh bright light.  If it had not been for the sun, Isabella would have missed the tears running down Daphne’s face; they gleamed like diamonds, cutting clean streaks through the dirt and blood.  

Then she was angry again, she flew at her flailing her arms and punching without any real strength behind them, Isabella blocked the punches, confused.  Daphne fell to her knees, actually crying now.

Isabella asked, tears running down her own face.  She dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around Daphne.  It was her mother, but somebody was influencing her in some horrible way.  Isabella was confused and probably would be for some time but her Mother was alive.

"It's alright.  We will find out who did this to you."

Her head snapped up, and she head butted Isabella through another wall.  "That’s your problem girl, your living in the past, pay attention to the future."  Isabella landed hard and a desk fell on her as her tumble stopped.  The lights flickered in the room, some knocked out from the impact.

"CHCHHChhhhh Do you need help Double U?"  A voice came through the Comm it was very static filled and quiet.  She could hear the crunch of Daphne's feet on the rubble as she came closer.

"I have everything under control."  Isabella lied.  She wasn't in control but this was her fight.  Besides she didn't want anybody else getting hurt.  She knew how Daphne moved and fought.  The others didn't stand a chance.

Isabella grabbed the desk and threw it at Daphne.  She hopped to her feet and flew right behind the desk and then through it.  The wood splintered and shattered around her body as Isabella tried to punch Daphne in the face.

As she punched through the desk she failed to connect with the solid person behind it, then she felt the tight grip on her foot/ankle.  It pulled her back and slammed her into a wall, and another and finally the ceiling, as she traveled up through the building and back into the daylight.

Sparks rained down the hole popping and sparking around Daphne as she roared up into the sky after her prey.  Isabella was already beginning her descent towards the Earth when Daphne planted a Mach 1 kick to her midsection.  She flew backwards towards the Ocean.

Isabella's eyes opened as her body skipped across the water, she was slowing and beginning to go under when she flew back into the air.  She was confused but there was no time to dwell on that.  The major ass kicking she was receiving prevented that.  

Isabella rose higher into the air until the sun was at her back.  She took a deep breath and flew at Daphne as fast as she could, trying to bring the edge of her shield across Amazona's jaw.

The sunlight framed her as she flew towards Daphne, at the last second the Sunlight glinted in perfect form off the Oriculum, flashing across her eyes blinding her.  The shield collided with her jaw and she heard cartilage and bone snap under the hit.  Daphne lashed out, glancing Isabella knocking her a few feet away, she screamed through the pain and blinked trying to get her sight back quicker.

Isabella moved in close and grabbed Daphne by the back of the head with her shield arm.  Isabella held on tightly and lashed out with her right arm, smashing Daphne in the face again and again.  Then she brought her knee into Daphne's stomach followed by an elbow to the back of the neck.

The elbow drove her down and she smashed into some rocks below, her body lay still and shattered on the rocks, waves crashed and washed the blood out to sea.  Isabella hovered above, blood and bits of skin dripping from her fist, she breathed heavy, it seemed to be over.

She floated to the ground and stood before the fallen Daphne.  That wasn't her mother but that didn't mean her death didn't cause her pain.  It was a part of battle and sometimes it happened but Isabella never liked when it did.

She didn't understand fully what was happening on this world and why they had come here but Aeon and the others had seemed sure that this was the right course of action and she had followed like a good soldier. After all she was the Warchild and it was what she had been designed to do.

Daphne began to stir and Isabella sat on a stone nearby and watched as muscle began to knit on Amazona's cheek.  "I am more than I seem daughter of war."  She sat up and stared long and hard at her opponent.  "You were right when you claimed I was not what I seemed.  I am far more than the people of Earth understand, my people are strong and come from a lineage greater than this world knows."  Daphne's eyes softened.

"I do not understand why you are telling me any of this."  Isabella responded.

"Girl, I have killed you.  You are beyond broken and you do not heal as well as I.  Whatever it is that your people have planned will fail but I will have to sit the war out for a time because even though I will heal, it will take much time."  Isabella smiled, this woman was so much like her mother, duplicates they had said.  She looked down and saw the breaks in bone and skin, the crushed portions of her ceremonial armor.

"This is a good death..."

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