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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Super Stories - Stand Alone 10

“My life is a series of events, one thing after another, each of these things eventually culminating into some kind of life changing event that then alters my destiny from that point forward.  I was born in another universe and because of that I was in line for an Event that ripped our universe to the ground and forced us to go to war with a parallel universe that was invading us.”

“In truth we went to war with them because they accidentally invaded us and we retaliated in the only way we knew how, and at the same time an unseen hand was moving us forward to their own end for some unknown reason.”

“I watched as my universe was sealed away from me and lost my parents and family forever because the way back was gone.  This left me in the care of one of world’s greatest heroes and his training brought me against my greatest enemy, Zero.”

“Zero in turn forced me to locate a new source of knowledge so that I might continue my education and find a way to cure my…father, the man like my father.  I know it’s impossible, but we’re super heroes and that’s what we do every day.  So I will use the Knowledge and weed out the answers I need until I figure out a solution to the problem I have given myself.”  Sapphire looked at Zoe who nodded at her.  “I have to ask it the right questions, everyone has a boss, and that led me to Andreas Darkk, whom I stood over in Carcass his prison.  I saw the birth of Genesis, the Coming Darkness, the thing which is coming next and that which I am now preparing myself for.”  She rubbed the bridge of her nose and sighed. “What are the right questions?  What can I ask to start and knit together the last threads to see the whole tapestry.”

Stand Alone 10 - The Little Things 1

“Who was Doctor Kirby?”

“Presenting Doctor Alexander Kellan Kirby noted physicist and quantum engineer.”  The crowd roared in approval as the Doctor came up on to the stage.  He waved his hands for calm and the group quietly rapidly.

“Good morning every one, I feel like a rock star.”  The crowd laughed at the joke.  “Today I am going to go over several of my recent discoveries relating to the evolution of stars.  We think that these celestial bodies are just lights in the sky that twinkle and eventually fade away, but I believe that they are so much more.”  He pointed at the white screen behind him and slides began to follow what he was saying changing from star type to star type across a common stars life cycle.  “What I am saying is…what if the stars themselves are alive and they follow an evolutionary life cycle from birth to death?”  Several people in the crowd gasped and in the silence someone muttered blasphemy.

“I am working with several government and businesses to attempt to draw some of the energy down from the stars and get long range readings; we are currently building several laboratories across the world to attempt to better understand my theories and possibly harness the energy to remove ourselves from a dependent resource like oil.  I would like you all to meet my main financier Rex Ruthless!!”  A young man barely into his twenties stepped onto the stage and joined Dr. Kirby at the podium.  He waved at the crowd.

“Hello everyone,” he spoke quietly but his voice carried, “I believe in Dr. Kirby’s theories and have put forth considerable resources towards this venture.  We already have several ARC, advanced research collectives, in multiple countries across the planet and construction has begun on the equipment that will draw some of the energy down to the Earth.  I have personally hired two doctors that have specialized in this field to oversee that project, and we should have results in a few years.”

“Who is Oswald Johnson?”

“Who are you really Oz?”  Rex Ruthless sat on the edge of his bed and stared at the young man before him.  “I have had some of my people look into you, since you are my roommate, and one cannot be too careful you understand.”

Oswald nodded, “That is a good question Rex.”  He turned and sat at his desk.


“Well what?”

“Who are you?!”  Rex’s voice raised a few decibels.

“I am the son of Kaliope and Jaswell Johnson.  My IQ is 37 points higher than yours.  I come from no money and a middle class background and have had to achieve all of my college funding through scholarships and holding three jobs during high school.  I also gamble occasionally and raised money that way as I am able to count cards quite easily.  Dr. Kirby put in a good word with the school board and found me placement here.  Other than that I am just a young man looking to make his mark on this world, and your roommate for now.”

Rex ground his teeth, “I knew all of that already but I think you are hiding something.”  Oswald turned in his chair and looked Rex right in the eye.

“Everything I told you was true,” he stared intently at Rex.  “The things I have left out about who I am are none of your concern and therefore none of your business.  So DROP it.”  The single word echoed slightly.  Rex looked away first and immediately felt ashamed, but he nodded.

‘You won’t be my roommate for long.’ Rex thought to himself as he stood and walked out of the dorm room calmly.  Oswald sighed as the door clicked shut and then smiled. 

‘Everything about that story was true Rex,” he thought to himself, ‘Except I’m not actually Oswald Johnson, I replaced him months ago.’ He started to laugh to himself.

Darwin Dexter the Baron of the Side-realms, and King of the Anathema went back to his homework, after all the Star Force wasn't just going to come to him without some work.

“Why was SuperDude in Nevada when Shrulk made its first appearance?”

‘I will guide you where you are needed most, when the greatest dangers arise on this world.’  Dawnbringer voiced its thoughts directly into his mind.  SuperDude banked left as a feeling began to pull him in that direction.

“So you are like a danger magnet?”  Superdude asked the entity that dwelled within him.

‘In a way, I go to the danger, I do not bring the danger to me,’ it responded.  SuperDude nodded.

‘I feel something towards the West Coast of this country, continue on this path and we may be able to prevent many deaths.’  SuperDude nodded again and pushed himself faster.

“How did Doctor Kirby die?”

“Why are you doing this?”  Kirby screamed over the wind howling through the alleys created by the skyscrapers of Megalopolis.

“Because I tire of your repeated failures, I have invested too much time and money on you and your protégés, perhaps your suicide will spur them onto greater achievements.”  He shoved and the good doctor fell down from the penthouse of Ruthless Unlimited.

TBC in Skullduggery 110 Part 1

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